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The Bridges to Peace Global is a year-round campaign raising awareness for the vital work and mission of Seeds of Peace in the UK. This fall we have the following activities planned: 

 - Family Activity in Regent's Park - Sunday, Sept 25th

 - Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon (A Seeds of Peace team will race through Central London in support of our work in the UK.) - Sunday Oct 9th 

 - Middle East Lecture at Regent's University - Wednesday, Oct 12th 

 - Fellowship Dinner/Reception - Mid-November (date forthcoming)

 - Be sure to look out for applications to the UK International Camp Delegation in mid-December.

Questions? Contact our UK Representative, Diala Thaher, at

About Seeds of Peace: In the face of some of the world’s most intractable conflicts, Seeds of Peace gives rise to new generations of leaders uniquely inspired and equipped to build lasting peace. Treaties are negotiated by governments; peace is made by people.

Since 1993, Seeds of Peace has set the standard in international peace-building by providing exceptional young people and educators from regions of conflict with an otherwise impossible opportunity to meet their historic enemies face-to-face at our International Camp in Maine.

We build on their extraordinary and critical relationships and understanding through year-round local programs that focus on the core leadership capacities needed to advance peace. There are now over 5,600 Seeds and Educators from 27 countries who prove that solutions exist, peace is possible, and there is reason to have hope for a better future.

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