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Funds that you raise as part of The Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal will be used to enhance and innovate the facilities in our Maternity and Neonatal departments.

Our aim is to provide outstanding care in an environment with facilities and equipment that go ‘above and beyond’ - thank you for being a part of this vision.  

How you can help - Maternity.  A new midwife-led birthing unit will give women the opportunity of a water birth at Royal Cornwall Hospital. Funds raised through the appeal will equip and enhance the centre to create a relaxed and homely environment which we know gives the very best chance of a positive and low intervention birth. In addition, an upgrade and refurbishment to the existing Maternity facilities will bring them up to date aiming for equality in the standard of our facilities.

Our maternity mission is for all mums and dads to have a wide choice of options for their birth experience and access to modern and comfortable facilities. Miracles happen every day in our care and we know how important it is to give our families the best start in life.

How you can help - Neonatal. Our Neonatal department, for babies needing special care, will move to a larger area allowing our families to be more at the heart of their baby’s care. Families will be able to cuddle and bond with their baby in a more comfortable and spacious environment.

Charitable funds will enable the purchase of equipment such as additional incubators and reclining chairs for parents to better facilitate bonding and feeding. The parent kitchen and family room will provide more family friendly facilities, with appeal funds providing kitchen equipment and toys for siblings.

All supporters of The Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal will be invited to contribute a photo for a unique photo mosaic that will be displayed within the Maternity Wing to be seen by mums, babies and families to the new facility for many years to come. For more information please get in touch.

Together we can make the vision for outstanding care in Maternity and Neonatal a reality – thank you for supporting The Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal. Please get in touch if you would like to chat about your fundraising.

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 The Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal

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I am donating this money on behalf of my wife and mother, Jessica and Jackie Perry.



Martyn Emma Tripp



A little donation from Martyn, Emma and Lucy Tripp. After the amazing support we had after the birth of Lucy this year we wanted to give something back and we had a collection at our 30th birthday




Edward Bolitho


£200.00 (+ £50.00 giftaid)

Good luck with this appeal! Having seen the brilliant new birthing unit, I can see what a difference the money raised will make.



Sarah Holland


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)



£150.00 (+ £37.50 giftaid)

A huge thank you from the family of Ariana Taylor who was born at Thd Royal Cornwall on 12th Nov 2016, 6 weeks early. Xx




From Databasics Hospitality Systems in lieu of Christmas Cards

Pam Tangye


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Great cause - my daughter Suzie Bryant just loves this unit and has worked there as a midwife for 27 yrs - it is wonderful to give something back to this old and very tired building to help it along in its redevelopment . Good luck !


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