CASCAID - raising money for CRUK in 2017

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from a target of £2,000,000.00

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CASCAID is a new initiative that brings friends and colleagues from around the asset management community together to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Our original target was to achieve £1 million in the calendar year 2017. This target was reached in June 2017 and we have now doubled it; we’re hoping to raise £2m million for CRUK by 31st December. 

Led by 100 individuals from around the industry, the campaign will encompass fundraising activities throughout the year. Events will be on an individual basis, within teams, on a company level and across the industry. Our plan is to get everyone raising money in lots of different ways.
Whilst our primary goal is to raise money for charity, we also aim to create valuable networking opportunities and bring the industry together in a compliance-friendly way.
This is not a corporate cheque-writing exercise (although of course, corporate donations are very welcome!). CASCAID is all about people rolling their sleeves up and working together, setting aside any competitive differences for a great cause.

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J.P. Morgan Abseiling Team

Total raised:
£2130.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Henderson Allstars

Total raised:
£39208.06 (excl Gift Aid)

Text donations and offline

Total raised:
£267802.50 (excl Gift Aid)

Roland Antill

Total raised:
£506.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Ptarmigan Flyers

Total raised:
£3977.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Investec Asset Management 2017

Total raised:
£86495.00 (excl Gift Aid)

AllianzGI Abseil-utely Active

Total raised:
£5000.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Jo Bacon

Total raised:
£1121.00 (excl Gift Aid)


Total raised:
£360.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Rob Bailey

Total raised:
£10479.62 (excl Gift Aid)


Total donations: £35,995.00



£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

Richard Buxton - Night Walk

Emma Spiers


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Alexander Ross-Parkinson



Frances Dominic




£500.00 (+ £125.00 giftaid)

DM - Pledge from dinner

Alex and Anne


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

How much can you do with an inch of hair?

Matthew Goodsir


£40.00 (+ £10.00 giftaid)

Victoria Rock


£1000.00 (+ £250.00 giftaid)

James Rainbow


Balance for CASCAID dinner - silent auction (James Rainbow)

David Keswick


£800.00 (+ £200.00 giftaid)

Dear Helen, what a beautifully organised event for a fantastic charity So many Congrats to you and your team.


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