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easyJet has put together a team of cyclist to cover the 3rd stage of the slam. They are a group of pilots, easyJet Business customers and members of the management team. They are led by Austin Healey and they will help him smash his £15,000 target. We are cycling 519km around Mallorca with 7262m of climbing to raise funds for the Dallaglio Foundatio.

The Dallaglio Foundation delivers a long-term intensive skills development programme, based on the values of rugby, to 14-17 year olds outside of mainstream education. Our goal is to ensure that they achieve sustained education, employment or training.

RugbyWorks engages 14-17 year olds who have been excluded from mainstream education and enrolled in alternative provision schools.  This target population comes from chaotic backgrounds with high levels of social risk factors such as troubled families, criminality and unemployment.  They have much lower success rates in education and employment compared to pupils from mainstream schools.  RugbyWorks is designed to help these young people onto a positive pathway to achieve sustained education, employment or training with a particular focus on exposing them to various vocational opportunities. 

Anthony Drury, Director of Business

I have been at easyJet over 2 years and head up the Business team based in Luton and see this as a great opportunity to leverage my passion to help raise some much needed funds.

From a cycling perspective I tend to swing between the MTB and Road bike depending on the time and weather most weekends around the kids’ activities. Recent cycling success includes the 2015 “Majorca 312” which is a long way in a day, 2014 “Lands’ end to John O Groats” and “2013 UK Crossing (MTB)” hence I kind of have an idea of what we are in for. Another great excuse to buy more Castelli kit……..

Kenneth McKenzie, Pilot

I joined Easyjet in the summer of 2000 when we had less aeroplanes in the company than we do riders in our G2L team today. I now live on a farm in the Scottish Highlands with my wife, our 4 young children and our small herd of Highland Coos.My favourite event to date has been the Highland Cross. A 50 mile coast to coast duathlon which I've completed 6 times. I loved this year's London Marathon and I'm currently tapering for the Loch Ness Marathon (in a week) whilst training for the the Dallaglio Slam. As we say on the flight deck – it’s just energy management!

Moshe Rafiah (CEO & Founder, Travelfusion)

Moshe founded Travelfusion in 2000 and has overseen it’s growth to becoming the leading ‘direct connect’ content aggregator for LCCs and NDC enabled airlines. In 2014 Ctrip (NASDAQ: CTRP) acquired a substantial stake in Travelfusion identifying the Travelfusion technologies as the catalyst for the transformation which will take place in the travel distribution space. Travelfusion is the pioneer of scalable ‘direct connect’ integrations connecting with 220 LCCs and a growing number of Full Service Carriers. In recent years Travelfusion has developed an end-to-end multi-currency settlement solution solving the gaps in payments for direct connect transactions. Travelfusion is now at the forefront of the biggest changes in travel distribution providing innovative NDC solutions for FSC carriers. Prior to Travelfusion, Moshe was responsible for setting up and managing the European operations of leading US and Israeli technology companies. Moshe is an international lawyer qualified as a US Attorney (New York State Bar) and UK Solicitor.

Adam Knights (Director, ATPI UK)  

Director of ATPI UK and have been with the company for nineteen years.  I have been an active cyclist for a number of years competing in Olympic Triathlons until last year.  I started rowing in 2015 and the cycling has taken a back seat in lieu of rowing training.  I am hoping the leg muscles are the same ones I need for cycling!

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