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Research into mistletoe therapy and breast cancer


A UK pilot study for a randomised controlled trial involving the use of mistletoe therapy has been given the go ahead.

Mistletoe therapy is used to help support people with cancer and is reported to benefit patients in an improved quality of life and, for some, a improved prognosis. However, without research into these outcomes using a placebo, these benefits are uncertain. 

So far, there has been no scientific research on mistletoe therapy in the UK and the therapy is often seen as controversial amongst some health professionals. 

To help answer the questions surrounding the therapy, the University of Bristol are conducting a pilot trial testing the feasibility of testing the effect of mistletoe therapy on symptoms and quality of life in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy.

Prof Gene FederLed by Professor Gene Feder, pictured right, the trial is the first of its kind within the UK and will run for ten months starting in October 2017.

For more details, visit the University of Bristol website.

The pilot aims to:

  • establish the feasibility of a placebo controlled trial with mistletoe therapy
  • measure quality of life outcomes, fatigue and other symptoms in women having mistletoe therapy or placebo
  • document the tolerability and safety of administering mistletoe preparations
  • publish findings in a peer-reviewed journal
  • lead to a fully powered trial to test effectiveness. 


Support the research

The development of the study through to ethics approval has been financed by the National Institute of Health Research, but a further £130,000 is required for the second phase. Please help reach this target.

Dr Geider“We need your support to help this go ahead.” says Dr Stefan Geider, CWT medical director.

“The trial will provide an important stepping stone in answering the questions of the scientific mainstream community.”


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Support the trial so that we can ensure this vital project can go ahead. To find out more about mistletoe therapy, visit www.mistletoetherapy.org.uk

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