Bloom & Blossom - Spring Appeal 2017

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Over the last year, New Hope has provided a bed to 214 people, which is, in part, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We know, however, that a bed is not all that is needed to escape the cycle of homelessness. Those recovering from homelessness need space and the tranquillity of nature to grow, develop and realise their value.


New Hope’s Community Market Garden is unlike any of the other services. The acre of ground provides just the calm and nurturing environment needed to help people bloom in confidence and develop their skills.


Many arrive with poor mental health or suffer from the effects of alcohol and substance misuse. The peaceful environment of the garden gives everyone a chance to recover – whether that’s escaping their addiction, improving their mental health or simply having the space and time to reflect. Problems that seemed insurmountable are overcome, self-belief grows and a fresh outlook on life emerges.

For those who are recovering from homelessness, staff and volunteers offer a wide variety of sessions and courses to rebuild confidence, gain life skills and provide real opportunities for future employment. This could be through learning essential bricklaying skills, for others, how to cultivate and cook fresh vegetables. Then there are creative workshops ranging from percussion jamming sessions to poetry, writing and artistic activities.


It costs £19.85 for one person to attend a technical session such as bricklaying, or £12.45 for one creative workshop. If you would like to support the recovery and development of those recently homeless, please consider donating a skills or creative workshop.

Thank you.

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£12.45  One creative workshop

£19.85  One technical session

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Thank you for your amazing support within the Watford community.