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Following our ‘Save the ACLT’ campaign we would like to say ‘thank you’ to the general public for supporting the life saving work of the ACLT. As we always say, we could not have done this amazing work of fundraising without your support and so please feel proud of all of our achievements in 2011. Thank You. 

Following our mammoth campaign the 2011 ACLT bone marrow, blood and organ donation recruitment drives did not commence until June and so all of the below donor numbers was achieved in just 6 months..

In 2011 the ACLT recruited the following number of donors: 

Anthony Nolan Register

662 - Became potential bone marrow donors 

National Blood Service – NHS Blood and Transplant

424 - Signed up to become blood donors
247 - Signed up as organ donors
290 – Donated 1 unit (475 mls) of blood - Daniel De-Gale Blood Donation Week
982 – Donated 1 unit (475 mls) of blood - Daniel De-Gale Blood Donation Month (throughout October)
62 - Became potential bone marrow donors (British Bone Marrow Register) 

We do not have the stats for those who registered as donors via the ACLT through the postal system but as you can imagine we send out details of how to register as donors on a daily basis. 

Funds raised via fundraising events and shaking ACLT donation bucket events.

 This total does not include direct debit regular donations, one off donations via online payments (other than fundraising events), Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving Website payments, some Trust or Statutory grants etc. 

Total Raised via Fundraising Events and shaking ACLT donation buckets = £155,00 We have some outstanding funds still to be received via fundraising events which took place in 2011 and so this grand total will rise. 

Funds raised via all other donation methods i.e. regular direct debits, one off donations, Virgin Money Giving, Just Giving etc. smashed our 80k target and it was these funds that allowed the work of the charity to continue post June 2011. 

We have already commenced planning and scheduling recruitment drives for 2012 and we are confident that we can double the numbers of donors recruited in 2011. Visit our website for dates, venues and times  

In 2012 we are once again planning our annual Daniel De-Gale 10k Marrow-thon at London Regents Park on Sunday 1st July. 

We are also currently having meetings to agree a Daniel De-Gale 5k Marrow-thon which will also take place in London Regents Park on Sunday 2nd September. 

Plus, we are planning our 2nd Zumba-thon which will take place on Sunday 29th April at the Crystal Palace National Sports Arena. 

We are working very hard to financially sustain the charity for the medium to long term future by making Trusts and Statutory grant applications. Alongside all of the community fundraising events and shaking donation bucket events which help to keep the charity ticking over. 

As some of you will know, as in every year sadly in 2011 we lost a few people who suffered complications during treatments. Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones. 

Michael Lyon

Denise Gayle

Kye Carpenter-Mark 

Our thoughts and prayers are also with those (too many to mention) still fighting the fight with tremendous courage and especially those awaiting life saving donors to be their match. 

This is a very small snapshot of the work that’s being done to recruit more donors and to raise awareness and the funds which allow us to continue the work. If you have any queries please feel free to email or call the office. 


Tel No. 020 8240 4480


Thank You 

Beverley De-Gale OBE





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