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Seeds of Peace is a non-profit, non-political organisation committed to helping young people from the Middle East and South Asia develop the leadership skills necessary to advance reconciliation and coexistence.

Founded in 1993, Seeds of Peace was built on the belief that if given the opportunity, youth will choose coexistence over conflict and hope over fear. After 20 years of service, Seeds of Peace has graduated 5,000 teenagers from 22 delegations worldwide, and has grown from a summer camp in the US state of Maine into a year-round multi-faceted leadership development and coexistence programme.

Specific objectives:

  • Re-humanize the conflict
  • Provide conflict resolution and leadership training
  • Facilitate open dialogue
  • Create a network of young leaders who will become a core constituency for peace.  

Seeds of Peace UK is a charitable organisation dedicated to expanding Seeds of Peace’s footprint in the United Kingdom.

Seeds of Peace International Camp:
Every summer for the past seventeen years, Seeds of Peace has brought American, Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, Jordanian, and, more recently, Indian, Pakistani, and Afghan teenagers together to its International Camp in Maine with the goal of dispelling fear, hatred, and misunderstanding and to foster a new generation of leadership.  

Regional Programming:
When campers and educators leave Maine, they realize that their work as peacemakers is just beginning. Though they will surely face many challenges, including skepticism and hostility from friends and family, these Seeds bravely pledge to make the peace they saw at Camp become a reality at home.

Through local workshops, advanced dialogue sessions, community outreach efforts, community service projects, regional seminars, and global summits, Seeds of Peace provides a variety of opportunities for graduate participants to build on their transformational experience at Camp and to further their development as leaders and advocates for peace.

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