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Since 1993, Seeds of Peace has inspired and cultivated new generations of global leaders in communities divided by conflict. We equip them with the skills and relationships they need to accelerate social, economic, and political changes essential for peace. With over 5,600 Seeds and Educators from 27 countries, they are at the heart of everything we do, as it is their realities and futures that are most affected by the conflicts that define their lives. Seeds of Peace UK is dedicated to expanding our charity's footprint in the UK.

International Camp

At our annual summer Camp in the USA, we offer a rare opportunity for historic enemies to meet each other face-to-face. Here, the campers ('Seeds') confront their deep-seated fears and jointly tackle issues that fuel violence, hatred and oppression in their home countries.  Now in our 23rd summer, Seeds spend three weeks in programming designed to open young minds to the possibility of a new reality.

Regional Programming

There are now over 6,000 Graduate Seeds and Educators from 27 countries. Post-Camp, we build on their new-found understanding through arranging year-round leadership programs that focus on four of the most important assets and abilities that leaders in conflict regions need to create meaningful change: strong relationships across lines of conflict; a sophisticated understanding of core conflict issues; practical skills in communication, critical thinking, and change-making; and the ability to take action on behalf of peace.

Graduate Programs

Our goal is to help develop and leverage their professional and personal capacities, individually and collectively, to effect change. While leaders in all aspects of society can contribute to peace, Seeds of Peace recognizes that certain fields and positions hold particular importance. As such, we invest most heavily in programs that have the potential to shift the landscape in the fields most pivotal to conflict and peace: policy and law, media and technology, education, and business and entrepreneurship.

In February of 2015, we unveiled our latest graduate program, GATHER+962: a new practical action initiative from Seeds of Peace, aiming to provide such trailblazers — and the growing number of those who are following their example — with a forum for discourse, learning and connection to those who have the knowledge and resources necessary to bring viable, transformative ideas to fruition.

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