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Education is the passport to a self-sustaining life. We create and deliver in-service training, books and materials for teachers and pupils. This work is transforming primary education in East Africa.

After twenty-one years as Village Education Project Kilimanjaro we have changed our name to Education East Africa. Not only is our new name shorter and easier to remember, more importantly it reflects our commitment to make our textbooks and teacher training available beyond Tanzania.

Education East Africa has worked in Tanzania since 1994 and we are committed to making our textbooks and teacher training available to other neighboring countries.   The charity was set up by Katy Allen who was awarded an MBE for her services to education in Tanzania in 2001. Education East Africa works extensively in the primary education sector and also in vocational skills training.


In the present primary school environments the teachers are unmotivated and receive no in-service training or professional development. Teaching is characterized by ineffective learning methods such as rote learning rather than by a more participative and interactive approach. Teachers work with textbooks that offer them little guidance or support, and are subject to an inspectorate that places too much importance on tests and examinations.

Head teachers with little if any training in management or administration have an unenviable task in trying to administer schools, balance limited resources and build motivation and a co-operative ethos among staff.

Education East Africa is working to improve all of this.


Our programme of Whole School Development has evolved from our work in primary schools since 1994. This long-term programme, with the cooperation of the District Education Office, is addressing all aspects of primary education by working with:

Headteachers: we provide training and support to improve their leadership and management.                                

Teachers: we run seminars followed by regular in-service training to enhance teachers’ confidence, motivation and skills, and increase their subject knowledge.                           

School Committees: we give training to school committee members so that they can assist the school and work with the local community to engender interest in the school and its work.                                                                           

Parents: we work to encourage parents’ greater involvement in the education of their children.               

Education Authorities: we work with District Education Officers, School Inspectors and Teacher Training Colleges to encourage their views to be heard and disseminated to higher government levels

We employ a mix of local Tanzanian staff and Volunteer Education Professionals, currently from the UK and Australia. Volunteers give Education East Africa a long-term commitment so that they work with an understanding of the systems and the culture.

Our work over the last 21 years has given us an excellent reputation. With our experience we are able to work in classrooms at the grassroots to ensure we know the problems, and to share those with the Ministry of Education and other officials at the top to ensure that those problems are recognized and that our suggested solutions are considered.

The expected outcome is that a school that has good teaching in the early years will have a solid foundation of good discipline and children with enquiring minds who are keen to learn, and that a school that has confident, capable leaders will run efficiently with a healthy team-spirit and an ethos of striving for excellence.

A good primary education gives a child the foundation for all future learning and shapes his or her life.







































































































































































































































































































































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