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In over 200 years since it was formed in 1769, The Anchor Society has concerned itself with the care of the elderly in the Bristol area.  Working in partnership with many organisations and charities who care for the elderly in the region, we identify people who are isolated and lonely or need help to solve immediate financial problems. We make grants and regular payments to those in greatest need and also help them access services like credit unions, debt consultants, loans, grants, pendants, activity programmes, stair lifts and emergency equipment.

We are also partners with Bristol City Council, St. Monica Trust, The Guinness Trust, NHS Bristol and Age UK in a new initiative called LinkAge.  This is a multi-agency, charitable initiative aimed at establishing a range of community-based activity services to the elderly in a joined-up way.  For more information see

The Anchor Society’s work is currently focused in the following three principal areas.  Please see our website for further information:

Grants and financial assistance

We provide single and regular grants to isolated, elderly people in genuine immediate need in the Bristol area. 

Visiting and befriending

The regular befriending of elderly people by volunteers is a very rewarding experience both for the volunteers as well as the befriended. The demand for this service is increasing rapidly and we have recently expanded this programmethrough LinkAge in order to reach more elderly people in need.  We also have a number of dedicated volunteers who visit those people in receipt of regular grants and financial assistance in their own homes and fill a vital role of companionship, guidance and support.


We have supported numerous projects in the Greater Bristol area over the last 60 years in order to try to alleviate loneliness and to provide regular social contact and focus for activities. We have also supported and partnered with a number of charitable housing projects believing that good housing is an essential element of well being for the frail elderly. Our most recent project has been to fund an ‘Anchor Robotics Assisted Living Facility’ within Bristol Robotics Laboratory at University of the West of England providing robotics researchers with an opportunity to trial new assisted living technology. The Facility opened on 9th September 2015.

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