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Books Abroad has, since 1982, donated over 2,500,000 books to overseas educational organisations.  Each year Books Abroad sends approximately 200,000 good quality secondhand books free of charge to schools, libraries and other educational establishments in developing countries.  We are totally demand driven, so our donated books are sorted, carefully selected according to requests received from the recipients and then despatched as a gift free of charge directly to those requesting books. Poverty means only a bare minimum or no such reading and educational resources are presently available.  These donated books are of enormous value to children in struggling schools throughout the world and would otherwise end up in landfill sites.  Books Abroad remains committed to alleviating poverty through recycling knowledge.  Each book costs just 54p to send directly to where it is needed.

"Through your partnership and support, one more child in the slums will have access to precious reading material, something most of them only dream about.  And you have made that dream come true.  We look forward to giving out these books and witnessing the many faces of joy as the children receive your gifts.  Thank you so much."                             Emily, Kenya

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