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The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation aims to support both needful individuals and charitable organisations through our grant provision.

Our funding priorities are Dignity; Freedom and Sanctuary. The Foundation accepts applications from charitable organisations under these headings and funding will be directed to credible projects with measured objectives and deliverable tangible outcomes.

We don't aim to eradicate global poverty, or tackle climate change by next Wednesday. We'll be fighting much smaller, but equally important battles. Backing achievable ambitions. Assisting the vulnerable and marginalised in the Midlands and London facing social injustice and inequality.

We'd like our support to be as emotional as it is financial, hence our mission statement:

Knowing that someone is fighting your corner Is half the battle won.

Our Foundation will fight the corner of those we see as less able to defend themselves and support the flight of ambition for whom it is prevented. We'll do what Jack and Ada would have done!

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