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TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries.  

In order to achieve our mission, we operate as a catalyst and partner to strengthen market systems. We focus on market systems that have:

  • A clear opportunity – an unmet demand for a product or service
  • The potential for inclusive growth that benefits poor people in their roles as producers, entrepreneurs, employees or consumers
  • The potential for scale – impacting significant numbers of families

TechnoServe aims to be a catalyst and partner at all points in competitive markets. We work with individuals and businesses to address market failures – the constraints that prevent a market system from operating efficiently.

These constraints may include skills, technologies, availability of information, market linkages, access to finance, infrastructure, governance or policies. We address market failures in three ways:

Develop Capacity: We help individuals and communities acquire skills, share knowledge and apply the technologies needed to build successful farms and businesses.

Strengthen Market Connections: We coordinate among industry players and connect emerging businesses and farms to capital, networks and suppliers.

Improve the Business Environment: We encourage self-sustaining economic activity by addressing the policies, information and incentives that help markets function better.

In 2012 we supported over half a million farmers and over 1,500 businesses to realise more than $70M in incremental revenue, which resulted in over 9,000 new jobs and $10M in incremental wages. Together we estimate that this benefitted 2.9 million men, women and children.

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