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Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe is a registered charity (Charity number 1135503) in UK. Our intention is to provide financial and other support to children and young adults in Zimbabwe suffering from any form of life threatening disorders or disabilities.

At present we support:

The Autism Organisation Zimbabwe is a registered Private Voluntary Organisation (Registration No 33/11) in Zimbabwe. It's primary aim is the rehabilitation of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The Epilepsy Support Foundation Zimbabwe is a registered Welfare Organisation, established in April 1990 to promote and support people with epilepsy in Zimbabwe. It focuses on early detection, diagnosis, counselling, treatment and rehabilitation of people with epilepsy.

The Jairos Jiri Children's Centre (Southerton)  was established in 1963. The main objective of the centre is to offer rehabilitation and education servies to physically handicapped children between the ages of 6 and 16.

The Zimbabwe Haemophilia Association is involved in the education of medical personnel and patients as well as sourcing and supply of the factor concentrates that need to be imported into Zimbabwe, making treatment difficult for many haemophiliacs.

Pari Volunteers is a small group of people from Northside Community Church who have, for 14 years now, assisted, when possible, with diagnostic testing and treatment for the children in the paediatric wards of the Parirenyatwa hospital in Harare. Many of these children would not have been treated without the help of this team of people as they do not have the funds to pay for these expensive tests to be done.

Saint Catherine's is a non profit organisation operating under the ZIMCARE TRUST Zimbabwe. It is a special school in Eastlea Harare which caters for boys and girlsfrom the age of five who are mentally challenged. The boys and girls range from moderate, through severe to profound mental retardation. Most of them come from a poor socioecomomic background and so would not be able to benefit from this facility without the help of supporter's of St Catherine's. The school has a capacity to enroll 105 children, both boarders and day scholars.

The Wizear Trust is a non profit organisation formed in 2008 whose vision is to maximise the quality of life of the hearing impaired in Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa. The organisation focuses on the delivery of hearing and ear healthcare in rural and marginalised communities with special focus on vulnerable children, training of healthcare workers and teachers in basic primary ear care, infrastructure development to support service delivery and research.

Sunshine Zimbabwe Project is a Welfare organisation, established in 2011 to provide education and training to adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities.  This project was developed in response to a need for a facility to cater for school leavers from special schools within Harare.

Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe hope to assist in the supply of funding towards all the beneficiaries goals. Please visit our website for updates on donations received.

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