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Thankfully childhood cancer is relatively rare but 1 in 600 will develop a cancer by the age of 15 making 1600 new cases each year...Sadly 31 UK families will learn every week that CANCER is the future for their child! Whilst there have been great improvements there are still some childhood cancers that have no treatment or CURE.

450 children are diagnosed with brain tumours in the UK every year, notoriously difficult to treat & cure they claim more lives than ANY OTHER cancer accounting for almost a third of all childhood cancer deaths. This is the MOST COMMON site for a solid tumour to develop in a child and yet so little is understood and research is severely underfunded.

Around 40-45 (10% ) of all the childhood brain tumours diagnosed are DIPG - Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma the worst of all paediatric tumours. Currently DIPG is completely untreatable, all chemotherapies are ineffective and surgery is impossible due to its infiltrative location in the brainstem where all vital life function is maintained.

The prognosis for DIPG children has remained unchanged for over 30 years!! This is universally fatal with a survival rate close to 0%, the median survival remains at just 8-12 months. Abbie passed away just 5 months after her DIPG diagnosis... EVERY 9 days a UK family receives this devastating diagnosis for their child. They are told there is NO hope and NO cure.

Abbies Army are committed to funding the fight and raising awareness for DIPG cure. We are now proud to be supporting the leading UK researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research who are investigating molecular targets in the disease to develop much needed new treatments for DIPG children. We are also a member of the International DIPG Collaborative a worldwide group of foundations that have joined forces to fund vital research taking place. Please make a difference and join us on the journey for DIPG cure.


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