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The Farm,Lower Pierce Close
Cross Roads,Keighley
BD22 9AQ

01535 647184

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Yorkshire Cat Rescue works tirelessly to provide a safe haven for as many unwanted and abandoned stray, feral and surrendered cats and kittens as we can.  We care for them at our centre until a suitable new loving home is found, matching the age, temperament and needs of each cat to the new individual or family adopting him or her.

We never turn a cat away because he or she is too old or has a managed medical condition such as diabetes but sadly we have long waiting lists and the recession continues to lead to more cats needing new homes.

Our no-kill promise provides reassurance and comfort to those forced to part with much-loved pets due to changed circumstances such as admission to a hospice, a move to a care home, home repossession, the onset of dementia, development of allergies or death of an owner.

Due to increasing pressure and space constraints we are able to help in just one third of cases - and this is heartbreaking. Many cats and kittens are missing out on a second chance.

Your help makes a huge difference to a small charity like ours. Every personal fundraising challenge and every pound donated is crucial to our success.

[b]Everyday funding - set up a page to help raise funds to pay our vets bills, feed our cats, heat our pens, run our van and lots of other day to day expenses.[/b]

[b]Appeal funding  [/b]- join our 1000 Champions challenge and raise £1000 to help us buy land to build a bigger rescue centre. (Click here for more information)

Yorkshire Cat Rescue was previously known as Haworth Cat Rescue, which was the operating name of Haworth Animal Welfare (Cat Rescue).

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