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We help people with disabilities or long-term health conditions to take part in exercise. Through taking part in closely supported exercise programmes, we want to improve the health and fitness of people with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions.

People with disabilities or long-term health conditions can face significant barriers to exercise. We provide one-to-one support, raising self-confidence and motivation, and encourage each individual to make healthy lifestyle changes (many of whom have never taken part in exercise before).

Funding raised by our sponsors and private donors is crucial to the running of our service. We are currently raising money to get people off our waiting list and into the gym. Any sum is most gratefully received and not a penny wasted. 

Cathy used to have so much trouble with her breathing that when the lift went out in her block she wouldn’t be able to walk up the stairs to her home. On these occasions, Cathy would have to walk to a friend’s house or go and sit in a cafe and wait for the lift to be fixed.After 20 weeks at Ability Bow gym, things have changed dramatically. Cathy says “Before I came here I felt disabled. In fact I was applying for DLA (Disability Living Allowance). My Instructor Chantelle has helped me get fit enough to climb the stairs to my home and she’s taught me how to overcome the panic when my breathing gets difficult.It’s comfortable here; the staff are really welcoming. You can be yourself here and not be judged; the people listen to you and you feel really motivated to do your exercise. Before I came here I couldn’t walk properly because of the pain and the shortness of breath and I had almost given up trying to get better. It was enough effort to just manage the pain.Now I feel so good after each exercise session.If anyone was considering coming to Ability Bow gym, they should definitely give it a go. I would tell them to get in here now!” (Cathy Jones 2012)

"Ability Bow was a godsend. I was referred to Ability Bow Gym by my OT at the Royal London Hospital and since attending regularly I have maintained my physical ability but also things are really looking up for my mental state. I love the interaction you get with other gym members and I feel like I belong to a club where there’s lots of laughter and encouragement. Working with my Instructor Patrick, I realised that life can get better. I get encouragement that makes me feel like ‘I can’. I can join in again." (Maria Albert 2012)

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