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 APPEAL 2016

"Votes at 16" 

"Please help us to cover volunteers costs of campaigning for votes at 16 in all UK elections. We d like equality with Scotland. We believe that with citizenship education, easier voter registration, and the equal right to vote, we can are ready and willing to engage in democracy. 75% of 16 and 17 year olds turned out in the Scottish Independence referendum. We re ready to vote - help us"

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We young people have set up our own charity, the British Youth Council, to help ourselves get moving, as social action volunteers, addressing what we think is wrong in society, campaigning, volunteering, making a difference. We run the UK Youth Parliament and support Local Youth Councils, and our members include Scouts, Guides and 200 other organisations representing young people aged 12-24, those in school, students, young workers and unemployed from all backgrounds and groups. We train, volunteer and campaign to help make a positive difference. This year we campaign on Votes 16 , Mental Health, and Tackling Racism and Relgious Discrimination. 


We are looking to raise funds in response to HRH Prince of Wales challenge to offer more volunteering opportunities to young people to make a difference to our society.

"We do this through our campaigners andthis month we are supporting Votes at 16, Mental Health and Tacking Racism and Religious Discrimination"

The Step Up To Serve campaign is asking politicans, business, faith leaders and communities to provide more opportunities for young people aged 10-20, get involved to make a difference to themselves adn their communities, - not matter who they are and the barriers they face.

We need funds to support social action volunteering, travel and hardship bursaries to enable everyone who is willing, to have their say and take action. As little as

£10 can cover travel and a snack for a volunteer,

£50 can provide a campaign training and expenses costs for a volunteer working on the either themental health or challenging discrimination campaigns - voted priorities by young people for 2016.

£250 can support the election and training of a members of the Youth Parliament or Council in your community

£10,000 sponsorship or donation can move mountains ! We ll even give you a Silver Supporter Certificate, and list you as a supporter in our reports, and invite you come and see our work. Sponsoring our big events or pgorammes makes you a Gold Partner - give James Cathcart a ring!

But its lots of little donations that will make a difference cause they all add up and make us feel supported - we want your support as much as a donation. The smallest yet equally valuable donation in 2015 was a set of stamps to help young people write more letters  - to the press.

Oh - Who are we? The British Youth Council (BYC) is a national, youth led charity that inspires young people aged 11-25 to have a say and be heard. Since its ascent in 1948, our vision is for a world where young people are respected an able to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives.

We provide direct training, campaigning and volunteering opportunities to young people enabling them to interact with decision makers and participate in their communities; and offer support, advice and resources to a network of over 250 member organisations and local youth councils across the country.

Young people lead on every aspect of our work: our board of trustees are all aged 16-25, elected annually by other young people from across the UK.

We work with 10,000 young people each year and focus our energy on engaging young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Your invaluable support will help us raise £250,000 a year to match fund pledged grants so for - so that we can provide social action opportunities to volunteer and  give young people to gain skills, build confidence and explore opportunities to make a difference in our world. They campaign on social issues, stand for elections, go to Parliament (in all parts of the UK), or supporting work in their school councils. We offer training leadership skills, campaigning and puttin gyout point across and provide opportunities at lots of conventions to debate, consult and question decision makers.

For more information on British Youth Council and our work, please visit our website at: or call us on 0845 458 1489.

UK Youth Parliament - is a BYC project too!

Formed in 2000, UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) is a national youth organization that works with young people aged between 11-18 to campaign on issues that affect their lives. The organization consists of democratically elected members and has around 600 members, who are elected to represent the views of young people in their area to government and service providers. Over 500,000 young people vote in the elections each year, which are held in at least 90% of constituencies. UKYP is now being managed by BYC.

For more information please visit our webiste at: or call us on: 0845 2501299 

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