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Karma Nirvana was founded by Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, as a result of fleeing a forced marriage at the age of 16. In 1993, she had vision to stop this abuse happening to young women and to bring peace and enlightenment upon them, hence the creation of Karma Nirvana.

Today, Karma Nirvana runs the only national helpline (Honour Network Helpline) that offers support to men, women and young people experiencing issues around forced marriage and/or honour based abuse (izzat).

This helpline offers the victim access to support from a survivor of these issues and this support can often be delivered in the victims first language, for example: urdu or punjabi.

We also receive a number of calls from professionals such as Teachers, Police and social workers, who requires Karma Nirvana's specialist advice will provide the victim with the best support package.

Karma Nirvana has received over 30,000 calls since the inception of the helpline in April 2008, with it likely to grow even quicker over the next years. All this is done in full confidentiality to protect the victims welfare.

Our mission is that we: Increase reporting, reduce isolation, save lives.

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