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Peacechild International,The White House
46 High Street,Buntingford

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We’re a youth-led education INGO that is focused on improving jobs and livelihoods. We provide employability and entrepreneurship programmes globally. We encourage young people to get informed and give them all the tools and support they need to learn and create positive change in their own lives and that of their communities.

Enterprise training and micro-finance in West-Africa

Be the change academy is our youth-led programme that provides enterprise training, loans and mentorship to aspiring young entrepreneurs in West Africa.

Easing the school-to-work transition in the UK

Work the change is our employability training programme for UK students aged 15 to 18. It is  designed to ease the school-to-work transition by helping students have a clearer understanding of what employers are looking fro and how to assess their own skills and experiences.

A gathering of young leaders from all over the globe

Every few years we gather the most active, most innovative, most capable young leaders from all over the glove for the World Youth Congress. They use this unique platform to let us know about the problems and challenges that matter most to them and help us devise the best possible solutions.

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