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The Pelican Post is an innovative new approach to improving access to books in schools in Africa. Visitors to the website can pledge to post a story book from a reading list direct to a supporting school. The main objective is for each school to receive twenty copies of the same story from individual supporters from around the globe so that teachers can practice shared classroom reading and children can discover the joy of reading.

Below are just few comments from our growing community of supporters; 

"This idea is quite simply brilliant. The Pelican Post is not just about posting a single book but about leaving a legacy that will inspire countless generations of children to learn to read." Lenny Henry, Actor, Comedian and Comic Relief Champion.

"Satisfyingly simple, I hope the Pelican Post continues to inspire young minds far and wide." Julia Donaldson, Childrens Author.

"I have visited schools in Africa where Pelican Post books have made a real difference. Books matter to all of us but they matter most of all to children who cant take them for granted." Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Olympics and Sport.

"What is very appealing about the Pelican Post is that I think it is rather nice for children to be able to read stories that they can identify with." Alexander McCall Smith, Author.

"What a great idea - this gives the individual the opportunity to feel that they can make a difference. And the great thing about books is they go on journeys for whoever is going to read that book." Beverley Naidoo, Childrens Author.

"Every now and again a small idea comes along which has the potential to make a big difference. The Pelican Post is one of those." John Humphrys, Journalist, Broadcaster and Author.

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