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TAS  supports remote African schools on a transparent and sustainable basis.

 Trusts for African Schools was set up as a UK charity in 2006 to improve the quality of educaiton in some of the poorest schools in Africa.  

100% of all public donations are applied to specific projects.

For each school we support we set up a local trust to sit alongside it. The trust raises funds, injects ideas and provides transparency and accountability on a sustainable basis.  It does not own or manage anything nor does it have any contractual responsibilities to the school. It is there solely to support the school.

Trustees come from the school and the community but also include business and professional people from further afield.  They are the ‘Champions’ of the school.  No-one is paid anything for being a trustee.

 We now have 15 school trusts established, (supporting over 4000 children) all in very remote areas, mainly in Kenya.  In 2015 we distributed around £100,000 directly to school trusts for projects they prioritised. These included new and refurbished classrooms, science labs, additional teachers, computers, out of school hours teaching,  solar power, sports activities and equipment, educational trips and incentives for teachers.

 Trusts are encouraged to think creatively and to try out new ideas for improving the quality of education.  Lessons learned are disseminated via the website and the network of trustees.

 The website is also the main tool for transparency.  Each school trust has its own micro-site on the TAS website where all minutes of meetings, details of proposals for funding, transfers of funds etc are accessible. 

Minutes of TAS trustee meetings, funding decisions etc are all available on the website along with full details of how to set up and operate a local school trust.

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