Gwendolyn Dainty


26 week baby

Last year I was born at 26 weeks after losing our waters at 17 weeks & being given a 2% chance of survival.  They nearly lost me a few times in the hospital as my lungs kept getting holes in them & my heart & kidneys didnt behave themselves. Eventually I was able to breathe on my own and even though Im still on oxygen, Ive now been home for 8 months - & its my first birthday very soon!

Mummy said that if I could keep fighting on with leaky lungs then she could manage a bit of lung discomfort herself.  So weve planned 179 miles of running, mountain biking and canoeing, to be completed in just 6 days, ascending a total of 7556m thats climbing Snowdon 7 times in a row.  Mummy & Uncle Robert have never done anything crazier than a half marathon before but Ill there along the route to keep them motivated!

Daddy & I will be the support team during the 6 days and Im also doubling up as Mummys personal trainer making her carry me & my oxygen cylinder around on runs, cycle rides and walks.

In doing this challenge they hope to raise lots mof money for my wonderful Neonatal Unit and the fantastic charity Bliss that provides support to parents through all of the bad and good times with us poorly babies. I know that without the John Radcliffe I wouldnt be here now and without the support from SSNAP and Bliss Mummy and Daddy wouldnt be the happy people they are. 

 So please support them, as every penny goes a long way to help more poorly babies and their mummies & daddies. 

The Team

Total donations: £2,030.00

Ada & Peter Whitten


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Well done Kieri!



£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

You and all amazing and totally bonkers

Nel Doherty


£22.00 (+ £5.50 giftaid)

Couldn't leave it in-rounded.... Huge respect to you and your brother Kieri. Much love to you and Gwennie x

Clare Meers


£70.00 (+ £17.50 giftaid)

Sylvia Hughes


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Congratulations on your achievement, you have a real little fighter there.



£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)



£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Paul Summers


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Well done guys, esp. JD for all that 'hard' driving around!!

Mum & Dad



So proud of you all (sounds like Jon & Gwennie were silent hero's). A magnificent achievement we are tired simply contemplating the effort.

Jo Thompson


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Well done, Keiri!


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Bliss, the special care baby charity, provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK. We offer guidance and information at a critical time in families lives. We also fund ground-breaking research and campaign for babie...

SSNAP - Support for the Sick Newborn and their Parents
Total raised: £1015.00

Caring for babies and supporting families.. We saw first hand and benefitted from some of the ways SSNAP makes the nightmare of a sick, premature baby more bearable Founded in 1982, SSNAP supports the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at th...

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