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In memory of Keith Bewley

Born: 15/08/1947 - Passed away: 16/01/2017

Keith Bewley dedicated his whole life to the swimming and we want to continue his work through this fund.

From starting the very successful Wigan Wasp Program; that produced so many Olympians, to leading Swim Ireland to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Keith’s whole life was about offering opportunities to athletes so they could fulfil their individual potential.

Keith coached at the City Of Cardiff for the last 10 years of his life, working with swimmers of all ages and abilities. He played a key role in the development of athletes throughout the whole club from early entry level to Olympians.

The money raised through the Swimming Trust will establish a fund to honour Keith’s fantastic contribution to the sport and ensure his work continues to help swimmers in the future. It will be used to help swimmers from City Of Cardiff Swimming Club achieve their long-term goals. The precise criteria will be announced as soon as possible.

Total donations: £4,044.55

City of Cardiff Swimming Club



Thanks to parents and clubs who raised £778.49 with donations and raffle tickets at the Keith Bewley Memorial GP on 230717 CCSC have rounded this amount up It was a fantastic day of racing Thanks to Parkwood Swim Wales Swimpath Chloe for raffle prizes

Photoking 16



Contributions from Parents for club photo's of their children taken by MF

Hillingdon Swimming Club



City of Cardiff Swimming Club



Thank you to parents and clubs who bought a Cardiff International Open 2017 Swim Hat to raise funds




Thank you to Lynsey Powell and parents from Exeter City Swimming Club who collected and donated at the Tiger Bay Open Meet 2017

City of Cardiff SC



Thank you to clubs and parents who bought swim hats and supported the Coach Plank comp at the Cardiff Closed Invitational Meet 18 19 Feb 17

The Bamborough's


£40.00 (+ £10.00 giftaid)

There are few people who make such a positive impact on everyone they meet. Thank you!

Chris and Linda


£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

A lovely friend sadly missed



Joshua OBrien


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Thanks for coaching me, I did enjoy your weekend sets and the banter that came with it.


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The Swimming Trust
Total raised: £4044.55

The Swimming Trust is dedicated to supporting and developing individuals from all aquatic disciplines to encourage active, healthy and sociable lifestyles for all. Regardless of barriers whether they be social, physical or financial we aim to help...

Keri Hutchinson

Total raised:
£1148.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Keri Hutchinson

Total raised:
£27.50 (excl Gift Aid)


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