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In memory of Rodney Taylor

Born: 21/12/1942 - Passed away: 03/05/2017

Professor Rodney Taylor was involved with our patient support group MDS UK since 2009.

The entire MDS UK Patient Support Group is immensely saddened at the news of his death, due to his disease MDS Myelodysplastic Syndromes having progressed to leukaemia.

Whether you are visiting this page as a family member, friend, colleague, student or patient - we also offer our sincere condolences to you for your loss.

Here are also some details of how our friend and colleague Rodney was connected to our charity:

Rodney was diagnosed with MDS in 2009 – and was invited to become deputy chairman almost immediately – when our little patient group was still in its infancy.

Following the death of the then chairman David Hall, Rodney became chairman in 2010 and dedicated an immense amount of his spare time working and leading the group – until late 2016, when it was clear his MDS had progressed and no further treatment was possible.

 Rodney was an amazing, astute, gentle, very funny, extremely talented chairman.  MDS UK achieved an incredible amount of work under his guidance.  The most significant achievement being the NICE approval of the drug azacitidine in 2010.  The MDS community as a whole owes him a huge debt of gratitude for this work which spanned 2 years.

You can read more about him and his amazing career here:

During his time as chairman, Rodney met with all stakeholders in the medical and pharmaceutical MDS sector – and was immensely appreciated, liked and respected for his views, understanding, advice and personality across all professional groups – and patient groups alike.

Rodney had two topics he was particularly passionate about – from being a medical doctor himself – as well as a patient.

The first topic was Doctor-Patient communication – as to him this was absolute key to a good consultation and good care overall.

Rodney taught about this – and one of his wishes would be to re-instate regular courses for physicians about Advanced Communication skills.

He knew this was a skill that can be improved – and could immensely assist clinicians and therefore also patients.

The second topic was equally close to his heart – Quality of Life (QOL) for patients. The fact that survival is not always the ultimate aim. That patient’s wishes, desires, situations can differ greatly – and need to respected at all times.

The fact that QOL must be measured, assessed on a regular basis – at every point in a patient’s life – from diagnosis to death – and acted upon.

Rodney absolutely lived by this decision.

He was treated with azacitidine for almost 5 years, before undergoing a stem cell transplant at age 71.

Three years after the transplant, his QOL of life had deteriorated and he did not wish to undergo any further experimental treatments that would have meant more intensive hospital care.

Despite a few serious side-effects over the course of those three years, Rodney carried on working with the CEO and new chair – until the last few weeks of his life – giving his ever valuable advice, opinion and views on the way ahead for MDS UK. Together with his unique and very funny sense of humour.

We at MDS UK have grown, learnt, improved thanks to his input and leadership.

It is an immense loss. We will maintain our work and dedication to patient support and services – emphasizing QOL and good communication at every opportunity - in his memory.

MDS UK was extremely important to him – and the work we did very close to his heart. He had not made his wishes known to MDS UK while alive – but had arranged to have memorial donations directed to our organization as an option - and this is why we have set up this page.

We so hope that a real cure – or at least an improved treatment is on its way with all the research being conducted in this disease.

We thank all the friends, colleagues, patients who have sent in tributes and caring thoughts already.  We are very grateful and will also pass them on to his family.

Please do leave a message on this page too.
We would love to read how you are related to this very special person to us as well.

Total donations: £360.00

Chris and Steve Dugmore


£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

A truly inspirational person. With thanks for all Rodney achieved for people diagnosed with MDS, for his gentle guidance and leadership on the MDS Patient UK Committee, for his campaigning spirit and for his bravery in undergoing pioneering treatments.



£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)



£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)



£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

In memory of my much missed brother, Rodney.



£55.00 (+ £13.75 giftaid)

In loving memory of a true and wonderful friend of 55 years. An exceptional man who will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege to know him.



£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Remembering a fellow Apothecary who contributed so much in so many fields and was an exemplar of those clinical and communication skills that are the true hallmark of a good doctor. May those qualities live on for ever.



£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

I worked with Rodney as part of the Society of Apothecaries, and was very sad to hear of his death. A kind, caring and humane man.

Nick and Genevieve Bagge


£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

Rodney was a hugely influential and inspirational man, yet an incredibly humble one too. I wonder if he realised how many people looked up to him for advice, guidance, faith? I hope so.



£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

Thank you Rodney for all your wonderful work for those with MDS and their families. You will be much missed.


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Total raised: £360.00

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