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Born: 18/08/2012 - Passed away: 18/08/2012

On the 9th May I will be doing a tandem parachute jump at beccles airfield in aid of 2 charities. Both these charities mean a lot to my family and I. 

Soft is a charity that helps families that are dealing with the diagnosis that their child has trisomy 13 pataus syndrome or trisomy 18 Edwards syndrome. They help families through diagnosis, pregnancy, bereavement, pregnancy decisions and caring. Both rare chromosomal defects, have a devastating effect and leave you heartbroken. 

In 2012, we found out at our 12 week scan something was wrong with our much wanted baby. Our journey of tests began and at 16 weeks we recieved the terrible news that our amazing beautiful baby boy had pataus syndrome. 5 days later he had passed away and I gave birth to the most perfect little baby. Without charities such as SOFT parents would be alone at a time that no parent should go through. The pain will never go away which is why it is vital this charity continues its amazing work.

The national autistic society is a charity that helps families who are affected by ASD. Most people have heard of autism, but many dont realize the impact it can have on the esteem of a child and the difficulties families can face such as prejudice and judgement. Late last year my 5 year old Finlay was diagnosed with ASD, it is a daunting diagnosis and confusing as to what happens next. The national autistic society help families who feel lost and unsure what is best and who to turn to. They support, inform and raise awareness. They are a much used resource and a incredible source of support! 

I want to raise as much as possible to give back to these charities who have helped me through a lot. Do something amazing and please please help these charities and their work. 

Total donations: £417.80

Rose & Rodger, Myra & Doug Davey, Mike Warvil


£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

Well done Alice..... nice one xxxx

Grandma and Grandad



Well done!

The (soon to be) In Laws!!!!!! Lol!!


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Go Alice! xxxx



£30.00 (+ £7.50 giftaid)

Ricky C and Ricky W



Little something from me and Ricky C

Kelly, Ibo and the kids x



Best of luck!! X

Ray and Margaret


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Good Luck Alice

Margaret and Sonny



Good luck with the jump.

Jess Sheppard


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Good luck Alice, you are so brave! Xx

Peter, Chez and kids xxx



Good luck babes


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Total raised: £208.90

SOFT UK provides information & support for those affected by trisomy 13 or trisomy 18, Pataus and Edwards syndromes, and related disorders. We help parents when they are given a prenatal diagnosis and after any decision they might make as to w...

National Autistic Society
Total raised: £208.90

The National Autistic Society is the UKs leading charity for people affected by Autism. Over half a million people in the UK have autism. Together with their families they make up over two million people whose lives are touched by autism every...

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