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The Daisy Garland
A family-run national children’s charity providing active support for children with drug-resistant epilepsy and their parents/carers. The charity was set up in memory of our daughter Daisy who tragically died at 6 years of age from SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients). We provide NHS hospitals with ketogenic dietitians - a medically recognised and accepted way of treating drug resistant epilepsy. This diet is not widely available on the NHS due to lack of funding. We also provide grants for night-time breathing monitors to children with drug-resistant epilepsy.
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Daniel Jennings: Cut face-hair, stop seizures

Daniel Jennings

My page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DanielJenningsMinusFaceHair

Update 10/04/2016: The beard is gone! Thank you very much to everyone who contributed. If you reeeeeeally want, you can see the video of my beard being shaved here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tBjQogKU78 It is very long (18minutes) however I've made it as amusing as possible, but perhaps you may just want to watch the first few minutes, maybe skip to 16:50 where fire gets involved.

Also, to show why we're supporting The Daisy Garland Foundation, this is my daughter's story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9fHAKZAIUU

Donations are open for a few more days if you still want to contribute!

Update 29/03/2016: 11 days to go! Thank you everyone who has donated so far, and thank you Daisy Garland Foundation for your lovely supporting email. Due to annoying practical situations (ie. silly legislation involving insurance in public venues) we've had to work around a few problems to get the most acceptable option. We've decided to have my beard shaved a few days before, by a pro with a cutthroat razor. This will be filmed and broadcast through the day. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to seeing this in person, but I hope this is a reasonable alternative. We still of course have a pretty phenomenal event planned ahead of us.

Normally reserved exclusively for job interviews, I have been blackmailed convinced to have my facial hair and part of my soul cut off to raise money for charity. Help!

The shaving will be part of our event on the 9th April, Petal to the Metal, an all-day gig at The Rigger to raise money for the same charity. The cutting of hair will be limited to beard, neck-beard, moustache, and side-burns. None of my gorgeous long hair I'm afraid!

The Daisy Garland foundation is an incredible charity dedicated to every aspect of supporting the Ketogenic diet, a miracle treatment for epilepsy that is medically-sound, low-cost, safe, and highly effective (Yet the NHS is not funding it?!). The Daisy Garland foundation funds ketogenic dietitians, offers support to families, helps families get equipment to monitor seizures... everything to help epileptics reduce seizures and reduce the use of medications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's underneath the beard?

Another fist

But Deej, what are you going to do about job interviews between now and the event?

I actually have two job interviews lined up, I'm sure they'll forgive the beardy-mess for the purpose of fundraising.

Who's playing at Petal to the Metal?

To name a few: Amethyst (Manchester), Fallen, Stone the Alchemist, Alter Eden, and our dear friends Jesse's Divide.

Do you know someone on the Ketogenic diet?

Yes, my daughter, and she is benefitting greatly as a result. At the event, we'd also like to announce the extent her seizures have been reduced.

So how about shaving off all that head hair?


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10.04.16 Well done yesterday guys, wish I could have been with you. XXx

09.04.16 Well done Dan!


02.04.16 Well done Daniel!

02.04.16 Van ons allemaal:)

12.03.16 Best of luck with your cause :)



07.03.16 Worth every penny!

06.03.16 Post photos please!

04.03.16 I thought this day would never come. Shave that fluff from your face sir!!!



04.03.16 Shave for Stormy, yeah!



04.03.16 I will start off the donations. Come on everyone its a fantastic cause


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