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The halow project is dedicated to creating opportunities and supporting young people with a learning disability so that they are able to live independent, meaningful, fulfilled lives and become integrated into their local community.
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Dear Supporters, Fans, Friends and Facebook Aquaintences

Before I start


I write to you with the sole purpose of convincing you to give me more money than you want to. Deciding to relinquish money is always stressful and often ill advisable. However, I assure you this time it will be neither. Read on, I implore you.

Raising money for charity these days has become a diverse and often enjoyable activity. There are a plethora of options. For example - Sky dives to save lives, Sponsored swims for injured limbs, head shavings for your savings and even lengthy silence for shocking violence. Recently I noticed more and more activities appearing as charity events that I would actually enjoy. You aren’t supposed to do something that will come naturally can you or that you will enjoy are you. I thought it was about self inflicting intense and prolonged physical pain, usually in drizzle on a hill somewhere in Wales.  Having decided that that was an interesting thought but nothing more I promptly forgot about it.

As often happens, that fleeting thought came back to sting me.  A friend, Dr Bethwaite, suggested I join him and a group of his friends, or should I say MAMIL’s (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) on a cycling trip in aid of a fantastic charity named HALOW. A ride through rural England and Northern France says he, I’m in says I.

Little did I know the cycle in question is in fact 250 miles in 48 hours burning an estimated 50,000 calories, which equates to roughly 220.26431 beers (of the top of my head) and with a little sea sickness and sleep deprivation thrown in for good measure. All said and done I had probably made a mistake. However, at least I had chosen to do something totally out of character and by no means enjoyable. Good old fashioned Charity!

 Having committed I was forced to spend a fortune on a bike I didn’t want and having ridden 40 miles on my maiden outing I realised that 250 miles is a really long way and I haven’t even mentioned the near certain death, eye watering chaffing and worst of all the padded Lycra tights.

I come to you now in my hour of need. I have never asked you for anything. Unless of course you are one of a growing number of people to whom I owe things including my education, shooting, beer, skiing holidays, patience, money, dinner and of course school socks. But apart from that I have NEVER ASKED ANY OF YOU FOR ANYTHING!

The charity is called HALOW and represents something I think is incredibly important, I imagine you will agree if you take a second to look at the website (cue to take a second to look at the website)


The moral of this story is - Give more than you can afford and more than I deserve. If you have read this far, donating is now non-optional. I will be checking. This is not a drill!

Best wishes

Harry Le Page

Recent donors


08.05.13 Well done Harry - quite an achievement and I hope you enjoyed the experience.

05.05.13 I want to see that six pack

02.05.13 Good luck Harry!!

02.05.13 Well done man, on the message i mean, surely the chafing cant be as bad as Vounaki Beach?! By the way, did you have sex with Anna, our chalet girl?

02.05.13 Your an Idiot.

01.05.13 Harry, good to think of you donating so many calories to the noble art of cycling and keeping the Chinese Lycra factories busy, to say nothing of the medical dressings for blisters and chaffing!! Good luck

01.05.13 Good Luck Harry, enjoy!!

01.05.13 Good luck and enjoy!!

30.04.13 Go for it Harry but watch for chafing !!!!

27.04.13 Loved the letter. Hope all goes well!

25.04.13 Go Harry all the best sarah & Justin.

24.04.13 Got SatNav on your handlebars? Good Luck Richard

24.04.13 Can imagine who is going to have the most punctures !! Good luck Harold.

23.04.13 Great charity. What a guy!

20.04.13 Ride safely Harry, coz I think you still owe me a beer!

19.04.13 Really great charity. I wish you all the best.

17.04.13 I hadn't thought of you as middle-aged - yet. It's all an excuse to wear lycra. Embarrassing photos are a must!

17.04.13 hashtag GOODLUCK

16.04.13 Harry - Good Luck with 2Boats and don't fall off! Lots of love Grannie & Grandpa xx

16.04.13 Very proud Harry, hope you do well !!

16.04.13 Good Luck Bro! Try not to get lost x

16.04.13 Good Luck Harry - see you at the finish line! xx ps don't get lost...

15.04.13 Good luck Harry ! X

15.04.13 Just for a LOL


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