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Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice care. We champion and support the work of more than 200 member organisations, which provide hospice care across the UK, so that they can deliver the highest quality of care to people with terminal or life limiting conditions, and support their families. Hospice care is provided free to patients, and with limited government funding, hospices across the country depend on the support of their local communities to help them continue their services.
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George Taylor, Simon Hall

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Hello Friends, Family, Family Friends, Family of Friends, Colleagues, Friends of Colleagues and anyone else in-between.

Before we begin, thank you for visiting this site, there is one reason and one reason only why you are here and that’s to sponsor me for a charity event which I shall be partaking in. Let’s not beat around the bush, that’s seriously awesome, like you wouldn’t believe because when you are raising money like this, every penny counts. It’s an old cliché, but it’s so true! At the time of writing this the fundraising is more daunting then the already daunting challenge, so I really appreciate your support! In this blurb I shall attempt to explain myself and reassure you that YOU are about to do a great thing.

I have never really done a sponsored anything before, not as an adult (no really, I am) and not in any kind of productive way. I once used charity to con my way onto a boat in order to win a treasure hunt, but that’s about it. So it was about time I got my act together and do my bit, help out, give back – whichever way you want to put it. I could of course let myself be accosted by one of those people in tabards that patrol the streets waiting to pounce on any weakness you show when desperately trying NOT to engage with them. We all know the score… Headphones in, Eyes down, walk quickly, maybe even take a non-existent call on the mobile! Well I could make their day and set up a direct debit with some random charity and forget about it. BUT that would be far too easy and unrewarding (+ would take years to get to the amount I aim to raise here). So let’s forget doing that. The other alternative is to go out of my way, to do something for the greater good… a challenge!

The task, well not a simple one. I will have to get on a bike, and pedal… ok its simple! But there is a twist, there is a lot of peddling involved, 244 miles worth to be precise. I (along with team mates) will be cycling from Wembley Stadium (Arch) to The Arc de Triomphe - Paris (Arc) in what has been affectionately coined “The Arch to Arc Bikeride”. You may think that this sounds easy but to put it into context it’s the equivalent of cycling 0.1022% to the moon, so pretty extreme stuff!

The charity I am doing this for is Help the Hospices. I don’t really have a charity that’s close to me, which means I am hugely lucky. If someone asked me what “My Charity” was, I wouldn’t have an answer. If pushed I’d say the RNLI for no other reason than the boats look pretty cool. It’s really important therefore that the charity of choice is a worthy one and hopefully we have chosen well. Help the Hospices do not employ a particularly cryptic name and their mission is easy to distinguish. They assist numerous hospices around the country with the superb work they do for people at the end of their life. This support consists of:

  • Intelligence – keeping hospices up to date with the latest information in one hub
  • Championing – Championing the cause of hospices in Westminster, Whitehall and the Media. They also co-ordinate national campaigns and support fundraising.
  • Opportunities – Supporting the education, training and development of hospice staff.
  • Support – They provide grants to both hospices and individuals which serves as a vital revenue stream.  Grants can vary from supporting staff in taking professional qualifications to developing hospice services.
  • Quality – working to formalise quality procedures and aid in the sharing of good practice and ideas.

Their work is so important that they are this year’s chosen charity for the Football League, which was another excellent reason for getting behind this project and will hopefully be an excellent source of fundraising.

Once again, your support is incredible, THANK YOU!

If you would like to learn more about the charity or the challange, please click the link on the left of this page. The bad news is this doesn't work... so try this one Arch to Arc

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25.06.12 Solid performance sir!


19.06.12 HUGE congrats to you!! Sounds an amazing ride!

15.06.12 Well done George, a great thing to do, All my love, Nannie

13.06.12 Good luck!! your poor bum cheeks!!!

13.06.12 Good Luck! Dan Viv Lucy & Ellie

13.06.12 Good Luck Georgey, have an amazeball time!!

13.06.12 Good Luck George! I'm sat in Paris right now, near the Arc, in the middle of a thunderstorm so fingers crossed it brightens up in time for your arrival! x

12.06.12 Good luck mate!

12.06.12 Good luck mate!!

10.06.12 Best of luck George and keep pedalling!!

09.06.12 Good luck mate

08.06.12 Good luck George

08.06.12 two of the best we've got, you can do it!

08.06.12 Best of luck GT!

07.06.12 Good luck guys :)

07.06.12 Good luck!

07.06.12 Good work boys!

28.05.12 Well done guys great charity

16.05.12 goood luck !!!


30.04.12 If you get a taxi i'll lump you round the head!

30.04.12 Nice to sponsor you, to sponsor you niceee.

28.04.12 Good Luck George

27.04.12 Good luck George.


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