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Everyone deserves to live a life free from poverty and within reach of their dreams in life. The only truly sustainable way of achieving this is to give people, through education, the capabilities they need to live healthily, happily and achieve their goals. LivLife exists to provide these opportunities through LivLife Centres - sustainable, locally-run and locally-relevant free education centres, so that everyone in the communities we work with has the opportunity to live their life, enjoy it, and to do so on their own terms. Isn't that what its all about?


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Marathons for Meserani!

Sam Yates

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Livlife provides free education to poor rural communities and gives them the power and freedom that learning provides. 

The centres we've built in Tanzania are there to help people change their own lives something we've been doing for over a decade with wonderful results. Read here about some of the experiences of our students over the years. 

So what am I doing?

Each month of 2016 I am going to be running a marathon. The marathons will vary in difficulty and each with its own twist!

So I will be running as a Lion in the Manchester Marathon, racing horses across the Welsh countryside,  running 105.5 circuits of a 400m, Running between National Trust sites, running Bolton's "Hell of a Hill" and even drinking my way round the Medoc Marathon, a glass of wine every mile!

Please Join me in supporting Livlife and please sponsor my ridiculous running effort! I will be doing some documentation too, probably mostly via the Livlife Facebook site, Instagram and the monthly news updates. So please follow me on social media or come and cheer me on at any of the marathons (see them all here!)

When I'm dehydrating in my Lion suit, dying of boredom on my hundredth lap of the track or shedding a very cold tear as I run up Rivington Pike for the 8th time  - it will be your support that keeps me going, so get in touch and please dig deep!

My first marathon is this Sunday, January 31st on the Treadmill at Anytime Fitness Knutsford!

So what marathons am I running?

January 31st - The Treadmill Marathon. This one is as it sounds, I will be running on a treadmill for 26.2 miles it at Anytime Fitness in Knutsford. The idea is just to finish this one!

February 28th - The National Trust Marathon - Running from Dunham Massey, through Tatton Park, into Quarry Bank Mill and and finishing in Lyme Park.

March 31st - The Hot One - I happen to be visiting family in Australia so I'll be running my own race in the very hot 30+ degree heat of Oz. Plenty of sun cream, plenty of water and plenty of stubbies afterwards, mate.

April 10th - The Fancy Dress - Come see me run the Manchester Marathon as a Lion... or possibly a Giraffe... to celebrate the spirit of Tanzania.

May 22nd - The Ground Hog Marathon - Frankly I'm dreading this one, 105.5 times round a 400m athletics track.

June 11th - Man vs Horse - Join me in the Welsh countryside with fellow Livlife Trustees, David and Ruthie, to run 26.2 miles, man against beast, winner takes all.

July 24th - The Island Marathon - small laps of the beautiful islands of Scilly, through water, small tracks and over sand. Finishing with a pint of Betty Stoggs at the New Inn on Tresco.

August 21st - The Baby Led Marathon - the idea (at least) is to push and walk with William over a 26.2 mile course, including feeding, changing and all the attention a baby needs. Mum on standby!

September 10th - The notorious Medoc marathon. As a Yates I feel I've trained for this one all my life. One drink of local wine per mile... hiccup. Come and join me in France for the aftermath!

October 29th - The Spooky Night Marathon, a Halloween special. This marathon will take place in the dark with a terrifying All Hallows theme throughout.

November 13th - The Mountain Marathon - Bolton's infamous "Hell of a hill". This one takes me 8 (EIGHT) times up and over Rivington Pike in Bolton.

December - To Be Confirmed - If and when I find one, this will be Santa themed. Suggestions welcome!

Recent donors

16.01.17 Massive well done on your achievement Sam! I can't imagine getting anywhere near running 26 miles, so doing 12 of them, especially two back-to-back is immense!! Sorry its taken me a while to get round to sponsoring you xxx

11.01.17 Well done Sam. What a challenge! You have done brilliantly to keep going over the 12 months and achieve all that you set out to do. We are really proud of you.

22.12.16 Unbelievable achievement. Very well done! Hope you have plans for a restful 2017!

17.12.16 Well done Sam!

14.12.16 Fantastic achievement Sam, well done.

13.12.16 Well done, a very impressive achievement.

12.12.16 Well done Sam!!

12.12.16 Sam you've done an amazing, challenging and brave thing so the least we can do is put our hands in our pockets!

12.12.16 Well done. Great achievement!

12.12.16 Well done mate! Back on the bike now...? Xx

12.12.16 massive congratulations on a fantastic achievement sam. one to be proud of for sure.

12.12.16 Awesome work Sam, very well done. Hope you now get to take a well earned break!

11.12.16 Absolutely amazing Sam, I'm so bloody impressed!


11.12.16 Well done mate, incredible stuff.

11.12.16 Well done Sam, So impressive to have done this, worn out just thinking about it!!!! xxx

11.12.16 Incredible achievement!!

11.12.16 Amazing! Inspirational! Well done mate

11.12.16 Well done mate!

11.12.16 Well done Sam!

11.12.16 Well done Sam. Awesome!!

11.12.16 Massive congratulations on completing your crazy feat and what a great cause. Now sit down, fella.

10.12.16 Well done Sam X

10.12.16 Amazing effort, well done Sam!!!

10.12.16 An incredible achievement. You're in an elite group. Well done. Beers owed.


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