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Caring Cancer Trust funds ethical non-animal tested research into Cancer at the University of Manchester Viral Oncology Research Laboratories headed by Dr. Ian Hampson PhD. Research is currently focused Leukaemia and Cervical Cancer. Cervicl Cancer research on has now reached the crucial Phase 2 Trial of the HIV drug Lopinavir as a non-invasive treatment and cure for Cervical Cancer, which worldwide kills two women every minute. The Trust provides 'Kids2Go' Alpine Healing Holidays for Children and Teenagers recovering from Cancer, helping them to regain their self-confidence and joy of life after the trauma of their life threatening illness and lengthy treatment. The Trust provides Create2Go Healing Holidays of Art and Music workshops for youngsters whose creative inspiration has been crushed by their illness and lengthy treatment and surgery. The Trust is wholly run by unpaid hands-on volunteers, ensuring that 100% of money raised reaches its Research and Support goals. who dedicate their time and skills to this cause.

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Vicki Goddard

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I have had my head shaved to the skin and am donating my cut hair to the Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs free of charge to children across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

I would like to thank Rej at Moda Affair who kindly prepared my hair for donation, cut and shaved it to the skin for free. I had only been to Moda Affair once before but Renata did such a fab job, that I knew who to ask to get this done.

I had thought about having short hair for a couple of years but basically I never had the guts. But when a friend of mine was struck with terminal brain cancer after beating another cancer, and amazingly became the 1 in 4 on their drug programme who lived beyond their expected two years, it gave me the motivation to get some guts. And if I was going to do something, I was going to do it properly.

So since I was pledged over £500 for the Caring Cancer Trust and am hoping to raise more to help kill this disease through research, I have taken the plunge. I admit, of all the challenges I've set myself (and I have set myself some stupidly, physically enduring challenges in the past), this is the one that scared me the most. I had lots of wavy or curly hair for at least 40 years of my life, it was part of my identity and I had and still have all sorts of fears about this. But I then think of my friend and all those those people throughout the world and over time who have not only had to lose their hair to cancer but for all sorts of reasons. Then I tell myself, it's just hair, at least mine will grow back, so I have just got on with it.

So this is where you can donate or turn your pledge into a donation - and thank you so much in advance for your contribution, which will help beat this awful disease sooner rather than later. 

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23.09.17 So proud of what you have done, I think that's the best way we can support the people in our life who are affected by such horrible illnesses, raising money, being brave and inspiring others. Well done, love from the Reynolds 3 xxx


23.09.17 You are one of the most selfless kindest craziest person I know. Great for doing this. Love Lesley

22.09.17 You Rock! Proud to call you my friend xxx


22.09.17 There is a Bob Marley song called 'Crazy Baldhead', prophetic in this instance. Well done! Derek

22.09.17 Well done you

22.09.17 Well done Vicky!

22.09.17 Someone once said " good people are like candles, they burn themselves up to give others light. Well done Vicki

22.09.17 You are an inspiration!



22.09.17 An amazing thing to do for two such great causes - well done Vicki!!

22.09.17 Well done Vicky. Best wishes Grace

22.09.17 Well done, Vicki. I rather like the look!

22.09.17 A very worthy cause - well done!

22.09.17 As promised, you madwoman!

22.09.17 Getting used to the new look already Vicki-pleasure to donate to such a worthwhile cause

22.09.17 Fantastic thing to do Vicki and for a great cause!

22.09.17 Respect Vicki! Well done for doing this for such a worthy cause x

22.09.17 In awe of you and was so insightful hearing your powerful story xx

22.09.17 That's amazing Vicki x

22.09.17 Well done Vicki.

22.09.17 An amazing thing to do for such a worthy cause! xx


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