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Helping families make the most of their precious time. We are a Bristol based children's charity that provide regular respite care to terminally ill children in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. All of the children we look after will sadly not live beyond the age of 19. Yet, our nurses provide a vital lifeline to families- giving regular practical and emotional support to parents, using specialist toys to bring fun into nursing, and supporting families through bereavement after sadly losing a child. We are unique, as we are the only organisation in our local area that provides regular respite care from specialist nurses to families in their own homes. Together, we can help families make the most of the precious time they have.
SOFT UK provides information & support for those affected by trisomy 13 or trisomy 18, (Patau's and Edwards' syndromes), and related disorders. We help parents when they are given a prenatal diagnosis and after any decision they might make as to whether they choose to have a termination or decide to continue the pregnancy. We support those caring for a baby or child with these conditions, and families if a bereavement occurs. SOFT UK publishes booklets about these syndromes, and provides telephone support, links to others and shared experiences through newsletters and annual SOFT Days. We welcome enquiries from doctors, nursing staff and students. Visit our website for online information booklets, data about these conditions, photographs of babies and children, and our new SOFT Stars Remembrance page.
Childrens Hospice South West
At Children’s Hospice South West we help and support children and their families who are living with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and we are the only organisation in the South West to provide vital hospice care in a hospice environment to these families. Some families come to us for palliative care, some for emergency care and many for planned respite and a rare opportunity for a break away. But there’s more to it than that. We provide a loving and caring place for every member of the families who stay with us. A place where everyone can begin to forget their worries for a while, be a family again and find expert help and support in facing an uncertain future. Our services are free to the families who need us because we believe that nothing should get in the way of very sick children receiving the very best care. So, with little government funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to deliver our promise to ‘make the most of short and precious lives’. Children’s Hospice South West has three purpose-built hospices in the South West; Little Bridge House in North Devon Charlton Farm in North Somerset and Little Harbour in St Austell, Cornwall.

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On January 19th 2012, we welcomed into the world our first child, a little girl called Cerys Megan Watts. We were over the moon.

On the 2nd day of her life, we were escorted into a room at the hospital and told the devastating news that Cerys had been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Edwards Syndrome, the condition was life limiting, and her life expectancy was a few months at best. We had had no knowledge of this during the pregnancy and were completely devastated. 

Edwards’ Syndrome is a serious genetic disorder that leads to severe mental and physical growth retardation, abnormalities in the heart and other organs and malformed features.  It is believed that half the babies born with this Syndrome do not survive beyond the first week.

Cerys was a fighter though, and after 2 weeks in hospital all her cables were unplugged and without knowing how long Cerys would live for we returned home keen to cherish every possible moment we had with her and to make sure she lived as happy a life as she could.

During Cerys’s life we were supported by 3 wonderful charities, who helped us as best they could come to terms with her condition, supported us in raising a child with complex medical needs, and helped brace us for the unbearable loss that we were to face. These charities were;-

1. SOFT UK - This is a charity which offers support and guidance to parents of children with Edwards & Patau's Syndrome as well as parents who have received a diagnosis during pregnancy. SOFT UK  helped us to understand Cerys' condition and the limitations it may place upon her. We were also introduced to other families whom we were able to lean on for advice and support whenever we encountered any challenges, and we met other children some of whom have proved the medics very wrong.

2. The Jessie May Trust - This is a charity which provides respite care at home for families with terminally ill children. They visited us several times, looking after Cerys whilst we were able to catch up with chores, or go to the supermarket, simple things which can often prove impossible when you have a child with complex medical needs. They have also provided wonderful bereavment support through their purple parents group which we attend 4 times a year.

3. Childrens Hospice South West - We were reluctant at first to accept the support of the hospice. We feared it would be a sad place, however we were wrong. The nursing staff at the hospice were amazing, they never ceased in trying to find solutions to Cerys' feeding issues, they enabled us to re-charge our batteries, supported us in coming to terms with what had happened, and helped us to create some special memories, such as Cerys's first swim which took place in the hospice pool. A moment we never thought we would have, a very precious moment to us now.

Cerys surprised everyone, and was a real fighter. She gave us 16 wonderful weeks, but eventually it all started to become too much for her, and she passed away in our arms at the Hospice on 15th May 2012.

Neither of us are runners, but we wanted to say thank you to the 3 charities that supported us and helped us to make the most of the time we had with Cerys. We still know many of the families they continue to help, what they do is truly amazing. So on September 15th 2013 we have decided to run the Bristol Half Marathon. We have been training now for 3 months, and have gone from not being able to run 100 metres to running over 10 miles.

If you are able to support us at all, we would be extremely grateful. All donations will be made to the charities in Cerys' memory. Thank you for helping us keep her legacy alive.


Sean & Caroline x

To read Cerys' story please go to :

To follow our training on Twitter; @cwattsy12




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08.10.13 Congrats, that was a massive achievement. Very proud of you guys!

01.10.13 Well done all of you!


25.09.13 Well done Caroline

24.09.13 Wonderful effort!


23.09.13 Well done both, a great achievement!

21.09.13 Well done Caroline & Sean!

21.09.13 A fantastic effort both of you, I'm full of admiration.

20.09.13 Well done? Full marathon next??

19.09.13 well done.x

19.09.13 Well done Caroline & Sean! What a fantastic achievement! x

18.09.13 Congratulations to you both! An excellent achievement.

18.09.13 Nice work Sean and Caroline, that was a great achievement by you both. Hope to catch up with you soon...

17.09.13 Well done everyone x

17.09.13 Well done Caroline and Sean! x

17.09.13 Congratulations! Well done on running the whole thing and brilliant times. Charlotte

16.09.13 Congratulations. Great times


16.09.13 Well done

15.09.13 Congratulations, we've been thinking of you both and our memories of Cerys xx

15.09.13 Congratulations both. It'll hurt for a day or two but the warm glow of satisfaction will last much longer

15.09.13 What a wonderful achievement. Cerys would be so very proud of you both xxx

15.09.13 Hope it went OK and well done on doing all the training and preparation



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