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Firefly International supports locally-led projects for children and young people who are effected by conflict. We work in Bosnia, Palestine and with Syrian refugees to create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for young people to learn, thrive and grow. Through artistic and educational programmes, our local partners provide young people with opportunities and support to develop their skills, confidence and networks, improving prospects for brighter futures for themselves and their communities.
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glyn richards

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Hi all,

This year I have decided to run in the London marathon… for a combination of reasons such as my desire to shift the festive weight (that can only be gained by a month long port and mince pie binge in December), a personal challenge to get fit, healthy and shredded (this has been a quest for 2 decades and yet still not quite happening) and most importantly to raise some money for a worthwhile cause.

Picking the actual cause I wanted to raise money for actually proved to be a more difficult choice than I anticipated with lots of worthwhile charities to choose from. After much thought, albeit from a limited brain I decided that after witnessing from the comfort of my armchair the systematic destruction of Syria by pretty much every country on the planet that is able to fly a plane / tank / drone and drop some explosives (with the sole intent to make a place worse to live than Grimsby – no easy task) I decided to support a charity that provides support to Syrian refugees. The charity is Firefly International and they currently work in Bosnia, Palestine and Antakya (Antakya is in Turkey and has a population of 1 million and is currently home to 200 thousand Syrian refugees who have fled the appalling conditions at home) so have experience of warzones and providing a platform to make a difference for refugee children.

Firefly’s work centres on getting refugee children back to school. With this in mind they have set up a youth centre in Antakya with the main focus on reintegrating working Syrian refugee children back into school through fun after-work activities. From there they hope to increase the overall educational offering as they continue to raise more funds. Providing a platform to continue work after conflicts cease is a key aim of the charity, it’s taken 5 years to flatten the place so it’s anyone’s guess how long to build it back up.  

For those who would like to read more

Let’s face it I thought 2016 was effectively sh** with nut jobs like Farage to seemingly be on my TV 24/7 (thank god for Netflix), a strange tango coloured man (with a love of water sports) securing the most powerful job on the planet and England getting spanked in the euros by some budget superstore employees but my life is very very easy compared to people who have no homes, limited possessions and future prospects (despite being from Scunthorpe). Hopefully with some donations from you generous folk a difference can be made to people who have suffered for little fault of their own.

So skip the thought of being ‘tight as yorkshiremen’ whose kids are nine before they realise that the electricity meter isn’t a money box and think more along the lines of Brewsters millions (for those who are old enough) but with money going to charity….   

Thanks all  

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09.05.17 Well done, Glyn - and a very well-chosen cause!

24.04.17 Well done dude.

22.04.17 Good luck

22.04.17 Good luck Glyn

22.04.17 You've done sessions longer than this - You've got this!! GOOD LUCK XX (can't believe you're still running marathons at 40 - what a hero!)

21.04.17 Proud of you brother, forever Glynvincible!

21.04.17 Good luck mate!

21.04.17 Run as fast as your weak core and mincing gait will allow.

21.04.17 i've donated some of my grand national winnings, the rest i spent on brass, good luck

21.04.17 If you really cared you'd be in Syria.

21.04.17 Good luck braveheart!

20.04.17 Good luck "hero" Richards!

20.04.17 Good luck Glynbo, i'll be pelting you with gummy bears! Love ATM xxx

19.04.17 My donation is purely a thanks for your work clothes fitting you properly now

19.04.17 enjoy the slog you slag

18.04.17 Will donate an extra quid for every minute you beat your best time of 3h34m Happy Running!

07.04.17 Good luck Glynbo. Hope the pint training has paid off!!

07.04.17 One day I will join you...

07.04.17 Good Luck!

07.04.17 Thoroughly enjoyed planning our weekend practice runs

07.04.17 Good luck Glynbo.

07.04.17 gambling on more cholesterol and blocked arteries is for winners (especially when mark dishes it up) - it would be 5 pounds more but lasty thought he needed it more then the refugee children... great work aggregators, same time and place next year!

07.04.17 Such a long way for a pint of Guinness...?! Best of luck but i'm sure you'll smash it!!

06.04.17 We'll be cheering you on at Mile 7!

06.04.17 Just make sure you beat 5 hours, old man.


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