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The Boparan Charitable Trust
We are a UK based National Children’s charity, which helps those with disabilities, life-limiting conditions or are in extreme poverty. Our streamlined application process means that once fully completed applications are received, they are individually reviewed within a 14 day period by our specialist board and Trustee, allowing us to reach out to those children most in need of our help and support.
Only 24 days to go!

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Boparan Charitable Trust

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OMAN desert ultra: 4 marathons in 5 days, 50 degrees of heat, self supported, time cutoffs for each leg!

The desert ultra marathons are:

“The toughest footraces on earth” –Discovery Channel

“More hellish than hell” – Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer)

Why ?

 I want a new challenge, ive done ironman and now I want to push further, so what ?

A Marathon?

No, done those (and a marathon is a jog at the end of an ironman)!

Mulitiple marathons? Getting more interesting, but how many more?

4 marathons in 5 days. 

On my back I will have to carry everything I need for the full trip - but still make the timed cut-offs, so thats what makes it tougher!

I will do it on soft sands and also up and down dunes, while in 50 degrees heat!

Do it in 50 degrees of heat. Wow, now that’s a it dangerous ?

Hell yes, people die doing these things, you have to carry an emergency anti-venom pump and flares in case you need to be heli-vac’d out.

But that’s why people do it, and that’s why I want to do it!

1)    For a £20 donation you can have a nominated name printed onto the shirt I will be wearing during the the marathon's. Just make a note of yours, your friend's, or your reletive's name you would like on the shirt when you make a donation.


“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
- Martin Luther King Jr, Dreamer

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”- Martin Luther King Jr, Dreamer

I will be taking part in the Oman Desert Marathon on behalf of The Boparan Charitable Trust. A charity who helps children with disabilites, life long illnesses and those in extreme poverty.

14/02/2017: Here's Glen with the Stoke City Old Boys Association, which includes football legend - Gordon Banks. SCOBA kindly donated £100 to Glen and wished him good luck for the challenge ahead!


Squeezing in as much training as he can, Glen is even running at night!


Pics from my visit to at the some kit and some advice!

Colin Barnes is an ultrarunner, and Elizabet (no h) Barnes won the Oman race 2 yrs ago and recently won the marathon des sables (Sahara)!

Recent donors

03.10.17 Best of luck Glen - more power to you!! Alannah

07.09.17 All the best Glen

31.08.17 All the best on the run Glen

24.08.17 Great cause for the super human task that awaits you ! Remember, we need you back fit and well for snow clearing duties in December !

11.07.17 Good luck Glen

06.07.17 Glen, you know I would join u doing it but I think I'm doing something that day..... plus I don't like sand in between my toes, ahem. Smash it bro. Stu, Max, Frey n Nevey xx

21.05.17 Good luck.....

08.05.17 Good luck (Sandycroft).


25.04.17 WOW what a great challenge. Looking forward to hearing about this. All the best Mark and Des

19.04.17 Best Wishes


28.03.17 An amazing challenge to achieve...All the best Glen

28.03.17 good luck, head for that Arabian sea !

23.03.17 Good luck Glen, very brave of you to do a marathon in the hot weather.

22.03.17 Best of luck Glen, hope the training is going well! Coveris

21.03.17 Good luck from everyone at the Alexir Partnership

21.03.17 Good luck Glen, from The Reflex Group

20.03.17 Good Luck !

15.03.17 Good luck x

09.03.17 Good lock in this mammoth challenge. From all at Graphic Packaging Gateshead!!!

08.03.17 Best of luck Glen from all at adi Group!

08.03.17 I'm pledging 150 from Unitech Engineering Ltd and would like to purchase an arm space and would prefer D or G to have our logo printed on.

08.03.17 good luck Glen

05.03.17 Good luck on your multi-marathon, you deserve a special badge for that, one coming up!


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