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Our vision is of a converging world where everyone has access to the resources they need, within the limits of our planet’s capacity. At The Converging World we believe that many of the big world issues such as climate change, fossil fuel depletion, energy security and inequality can have human scale solutions if we act together now in a way that is fair and equitable. We recognise that society and environment are inseparable. Eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable communities around the world is a prerequisite to bringing our planet’s carbon use into balance. Our approach promotes fairness and transparency in the mechanisms being developed to address climate change. Ours is a solution that connects us all. Thank you for joining us. Visit to find out more about our projects in the UK and India. Charity Registration No 1043572.
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Chew Valley Forest Twinning

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We need more trees

in the Chew Valley – in fact the world needs more trees to replace the great forests which once grew on the earth. This is not just because trees are so beautiful, but because we need to slow down global climate change - for our own sakes, for our children and grandchildren, and for everyone on earth. Trees everywhere soak up carbon dioxide and give us oxygen – they help combat global warming.

Chew Valley Forest Twinning is working with a charity started in the valley called The Converging World – they are helping us make connections with a community in Tamil Nadu, in India, where 90% of their forests have been cut down, and where many people live in great poverty. Chew Valley Forest Twinning will work to plant more trees here, in the beautiful area where we live – we hope people who own land will plant more trees, that children will plant acorns and watch their own oak trees grow as they themselves grow up, and much more. We will record trees planted here, and connect those local trees with helping the community in Tamil Nadu to collect seeds from the trees which remain, and replant their lost forests. Tree planting in Tamil Nadu is also a way to raise the local people from poverty.

We will present framed or laminated certificates to people who plant trees here and donate to support tree planting in Tamil Nadu; certificates can record your name and someone, say a grandchild, in whose name trees have been planted.
This is a direct, simple, rewarding way to make the world a better place, both where we live and for others in great need. Who can help? Parish Councils, Women’s Institutes, schools, farmers, Brownies, Guides, Cub Scouts and Scouts, groups of friends, and anyone and everyone who wants to see more trees grow, climate change be slowed down and poverty be alleviated for others in great need. Please tell others about Chew Valley Forest Twinning and the support you’ve given – others may wish to join you.

Thank you so much for your help! Your donation is a real contribution to make the world better for us, our children, our grandchildren, and people all over the world. Together we can make a difference!

For any more information, or to offer further support, or if you have not told us you have planted one or more trees and donated to support tree planting in Tamil Nadu, please contact  

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30.05.17 I love all the trees in the Chew Valley and when I visit my family I walk the dog taking the photos as I go. CVFT photo competition

30.05.17 I've had great fun taking photo's of trees in the 'Chew Valley' for the photo competition, what a beautiful green place we live in, I hope this helps towards a greener world. 'CVFT photo competition’

30.05.17 CVFT photo competition


30.05.17 CVFT photo competition Tabitha Warden

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02.09.16 We can make a difference! The world needs more trees, and it is good to be able to connect with other people, to support them and plant more trees where forests have been destroyed.


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