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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Limited.
JDRF is the world’s leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research, dedicating over £1.5 billion to research projects across the globe to improve the lives of people living with the condition until we find the cure. Type 1 diabetes affects children and adults suddenly and without warning. Just to stay alive, someone with type 1 diabetes will have an endless daily regime of blood tests and multiple insulin injections or pump infusions.
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tl;dr — if you can still see this page, it's not too late to sponsor me. Even AFTER the Marathon. Please feel free and be very proud of yourself to boost that total. Every penny sponsored helps the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fund research into curing type 1 diabetes.


I completed the marathon in 04:10:06, finishing 14,065/35,766 overall and 1,516/2,926 in the male 45–49 category.

The race was really tough, in part due to the warm weather but also it just wasn't a "feel good" run for me; the runners amongst you will know we all have good runs and not so good runs for no obvious reason.

The photo top-left says it all; the lights are on but nobody's home ;)

However, in the low moments, like when my legs were cramping badly around Canary Wharf between 18–22 miles and my brain was nagging me to "give in, give in" I kept thinking about this page, about all the amazing people that have sponsored me and about how there was absolutely no way I was not going to finish this race.

Post-race injuries; apart from struggling to walk today due to aching, energy-sapped legs, the case of runner's nipple on my left nipple nicely balances the mangled toes on my right foot so all-in-all, not too bad. A small price to pay for the amount we have all raised for the JDRF.

So finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people, family, friends, work colleagues and some folk I barely even know. You helped me achieve a long-standing personal goal (I'd been applying for the London Marathon for six years) AND raised £1,388.75 (including gift aid) at the time of writing.



On Sunday 13th April, 2014 I will be running in the Virgin London Marathon.

I've been trying to get a ballot place for the last six years and finally, for 2014, I've got my place.

Running the 26.2 miles of a marathon is (literally) no walk in the park but the hardest part is most definitely the pre-race training. I started my training schedule in October and will have run about 650 miles, typically at 5am in the morning, before work with much of it during the cold, dark, wet months of November to March. The hardest part of training for a marathon is getting out of bed—after that, the rest is "easy." ;)

Those of you who know me will also know that I am and have been a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 18 — I'm almost 47 now. By my very rough calculations that's over 54,000 insulin injections I've given myself since being diagnosed. It would be fantastic, one day, to be able to give my pin-cushion body a rest from the needles! :)

I'm running the Virgin London Marathon in aid of the JDRF — Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation that specialises in research into Type 1 diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes, the person's own body has destroyed the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas — this self-destruction is known as an autoimmune disease.

Quite simply – a person with type 1 diabetes does not produce insulin. In the majority of cases this type of diabetes appears before the patient is 40 years old. That is why this type of diabetes is also known as Juvenile Diabetes or Childhood Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes onset can appear after the age of 40, but it is extremely rare. About 15 per cent of all diabetes patients have type 1.

People with type 1 have to take insulin regularly in order to stay alive. I take mine, via injection before every meal and once before bed.

Of course being a type 1 diabetic adds an additional challenge to running a Marathon; already a challenge in itself so please make the challenge doubly-worthwhile and help me raise some funds for my chosen charity, the JDRF by sponsoring my run in the Virgin London Marathon 2014.

Thank you :)

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24.04.14 well done, from two of your mums old friends


16.04.14 Hi Carl, very well done!

14.04.14 Another £25 from Christine - she says you deserve it



14.04.14 Be very proud of yourself.


13.04.14 Well done my son - you deserve all the praise in the world - love from Mum xxxx

13.04.14 Well done. 5am starts, that's why we didn't see you running that much!

13.04.14 Hats off to you Carl and good luck with the day's challenge!


12.04.14 Good luck and well done :)

12.04.14 Come on everyone keep donating - Carl so deserves it.

10.04.14 good luck carl - i'll double it if you beat mo farrow


10.04.14 Go Carl!

10.04.14 A little extra towards your target xxx

09.04.14 Good luck Carl x


09.04.14 Good Luck Carl with love from Christine

09.04.14 Well Done with all the training mate. Now go and enjoy the day. A big pat on the back to you.

08.04.14 Hope it doesn't rain on the day Carl.

07.04.14 Good Luck Carl.

07.04.14 Good luck!


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