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Street Child
Street Child believes that that every child deserves the right to live in a safe, secure home and the chance to receive a quality education. Starting in Sierra Leone, ranked in 2008 by the UN as the world’s least developed country, we strive to see every child enjoying these two basic rights. Street Child’s principal programmes are: 1) a street based programme supporting children off the street and into family and school; 2) an education development programme specialising in building schools and training teachers in remote rural areas bereft of educational facilities. All of Street Child’s programmes are delivered with local implementing partners. Together we helped over 2000 children off the street and over 10,000 children into school in Sierra Leone from 2008-2012.

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David Hellard

My page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DavidHellard

This is the fundraising page for David Hellard aka Beer Belly Running.

The page is currently being used to raise money for:

- The Street Child Nuclear OCCR Sleep Out

- The Let's Get Shitraced

Street Child is the most worthwhile charity I have come across - they help street children and build schools in the world's poorest and most ravaged countries. Add ontop of that there's an ebola outbreak and they need your money ASAP!

To give you an idea of where your money goes, here are some examples:

£1         Buys a child a pair of sandals.

£5         Buys a rucksack, exercise books, pens and pencils for school.

£15       Feeds a child twice a day for a month.

£40       Pays for a child to attend school for an entire year.

£100     Pays the monthly salary of a nurse or social worker.

£500     Funds a child from life on the street to life at home. This includes school fees, counselling, skills training, sanitary products, staff costs, and the small business grant their families can receive to help them set up on their own and support their own children.

£1000+ Funds the construction of a temporary class-room or mini-‘school’ in a rural


The page is a combination of money raised by his stupid challenges and money for entering events such as King of the spHill, Beat the Barrel and The Great British Beerathon.

My next challenge is racing the marathon de sable in 2015. That's right racing, not running. I've never run more than a marathon, but my challenge is to finish in the top 20 (elite is top 50) and who knows maybe even first Brit.

Challenges undertaken in 2013

1) Pacemake the Brighton marathon in under 3.15 (with no tapering) – top 7% of marathon runners. Tick - 3.14

2)  Run the London marathon a week later and be winning the entire race at the 400 meter point – will take some positioning and going flat out to catch Mo Farah, he’ll be averaging 71 seconds per 400 and I’ll be starting downfield. Tick - leading the London Marathon

3)  Finish the London marathon in a good for age time of sub 3.10 (with no tapering) – top 5% of marathon runners, target 2 could scupper this. Tick - 3.03

4)  Top ten in the world’s largest assault course 3 weeks later (20 miles and 200 obstacles) - harder than a marathon. Tick - fastest time

5)  Podium at the Sierra Leone marathon - two weeks later. Tick - first international finisher

6)  Finish the Sierra Leone marathon 2.50-3hrs – average temperature 31C (88F ) - top 1-3% marathon runners. Fail - 3.15, food coming up and out.


Thanks all


Recent donors

29.10.14 Here is my £10 (£20) for Shitraced. I'm looking forward to it very much. There best be some fit men attending!!


03.09.14 H3 London Marathon Charity Pot Winner OnOn

01.09.14 Great idea - I will wear a Mexican outfit in the near future to amend the lack of chili eating.

28.08.14 Hey Dave, just had a veggie chilli corn carne does that count, here's a wee donation mate, well done fella x

28.08.14 Hey David, unfortunately I can't eat hot stuff at the moment - think it's gonna be part of the mothermilk. But anyway I want to give a small peace for your project. Best regards, Daniela

27.08.14 Glad t 'wimp out' of the 'Chilli challenge' and donate more to an excellent cause!

27.08.14 I do love my chilli so yum. Good luck with the fundraising

26.08.14 I know you've challenged me actually to eat the miniature firecracker, but I am throwing money at the problem again... Brilliant effort. xx

26.08.14 Can't handle the heat, so here ya go!

26.08.14 David you ear a legend and a complete nutter! This is definitely much harder and more painful than the ice-bucket. Amazing, well done :-)

26.08.14 Super Hot!

26.08.14 You are a total nutter.

26.08.14 Probably the best £10 I've spent this month! Chilli Challenge NOT met by me.

26.08.14 Fantastic idea, great cause - maybe drink the chocolate milk :)

26.08.14 Only scotch bonnets and Dorset naga's available so here's the money cos I'm not daft enough to eat either of those.

26.08.14 sod that chilli eating!!!! :-) good work David x

26.08.14 Chilli hero.

26.08.14 Here you go David, great idea for a challenge even though I am too much of a wimp to do it :)

26.08.14 Chilli Challenge

13.06.14 GBBeerathon; synonymous with bikini top drip-tray, ominous disclaimers to "limit the liability of the organisers or their agents for death" (did anyone else read it that way?) and bargain basement £30 marriage proposals! NB I've upped the bid to £50... ;D

12.06.14 In it for the scotch egg!

12.06.14 For Jess and Debs beer run .... Take 2!!

12.06.14 Beerathon Entry 02/08/2014...the time is now

12.06.14 Good luck in the MDS. It will be a breeze after the Beerathon!


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