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Street Child believes that that every child deserves the right to live in a safe, secure home and the chance to receive a quality education. Starting in Sierra Leone, ranked in 2008 by the UN as the world’s least developed country, we strive to see every child enjoying these two basic rights. Street Child’s principal programmes are: 1) a street based programme supporting children off the street and into family and school; 2) an education development programme specialising in building schools and training teachers in remote rural areas bereft of educational facilities. All of Street Child’s programmes are delivered with local implementing partners. Together we helped over 2000 children off the street and over 10,000 children into school in Sierra Leone from 2008-2012.
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Fatima is running a half marathon. What?

Fatima Abass-Allie

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No that is not a typo.

I am actually doing this. Those of you that know me well know that I can barely run for a bus. However 2012 has been about pushing myself to do things I’ve traditionally thought I just couldn’t do. 

“But why not just run a 5k round the park?!” I hear some of you say? And yes that’s a fair question.  The only thing that has induced what most certainly is a type of madness is the fact that I’m running the half marathon as part of the first ever marathon being held in Sierra Leone (http://www.kilnsierraleonemarathon.com/) for a fantastic charity in Sierra Leone called Street Child of Sierra Leone (www.street-child.co.uk). It is an amazing charity that works to get Sierra Leone’s street children off the street and back with their families or foster families and into school. 

Far too many children are living in appalling and unsafe conditions on the streets of Sierra Leone and this charity offers financial and emotional support to the children and the families that take them on. The idea is that the charity supports them for  some time and works to help them and the families they are part of  become self-sufficient and therefore no longer need the financial help from the charity within 2 years of being in the programme. This is an exciting time for Sierra Leone. It’s been 10 years since the civil war ended and there is a palpable energy around the country due to the development occurring. There is an economic boom projected in Sierra Leone that everyone is excited about but there is concern over whether this boom will benefit most of the population.

Children of the type that this charity helps are the type that fall through the cracks. The ones that no-one has the time or the money to look out for. The type that the boom will most certainly not benefit and the type that become the thieves and the nuisances of the future and who ultimately may become the rebels of tomorrow because they have nothing to lose. 

Now you should know that this is quite unnatural for me. Most Sierra Leone’s past school age do not run for the sake of it. We know it’s a nice idea but we generally don’t do it. Not unless it’s in a football match. So in a way I’m going against my genes and pushing my body to most certainly what is its limit in 30 degree heat and ghastly humidity and I really hope you can support me to do this. The charity is run mainly by volunteers so all the money you donate will go directly to the projects in Sierra Leone. As you know I’m Sierra Leonean as well as being British so what’s lovely about this is that I can visit the projects and keep you up to date with what’s happening over there.

Anything you can give would be very much appreciated and as a thank you I promise at some point to make every one of you my infamous Sierra Leonean groundnut stew which in its day has been awarded 2 M stars. That's M for Mohamed, my little brother. And he knows about food! Also if anyone fancies coming on this adventure with me there are still places on this marathon so get in touch and we can do it together!

Thank you thank you thank you for all your support in advance. And a virtual gold medal if you managed to read this far. Summarising: another thing I'm working on in 2012.


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02.07.12 have you finished yet? great stuff fati - congrats!!

02.07.12 Sorry for the delay! Can I join you next year?? I would love to!!! Xxx

29.06.12 Sorry this is so late...but well done!! Iron man next, huh?!

27.06.12 Very well done - next year full marathon distance please ;-)

25.06.12 Congrats Fatima! Always knew you had it in you. Well done



22.06.12 Well done! x

14.06.12 Well done, Fati! Great job. We're so proud of you!xxx


12.06.12 Fabulous Achievement Fatima!

08.06.12 Go Fatima! Hope its not too painful, its a great effort for a very good cause.

07.06.12 Good luck Fatima.x

06.06.12 Good luck

05.06.12 Run Fati run!

05.06.12 good luck! just think of all the ice cream you can eat after xox

03.06.12 Best of luck Fati

01.06.12 GO GO GOOOO!!

01.06.12 Hi Fati, Good luck for next weekend. I'll be in Freetown from the Friday so might see you after your race if you have the energy! All the best!

01.06.12 good luck and enjoy :)

01.06.12 x

30.05.12 Good luck Fati!

30.05.12 Go Fatima!

30.05.12 Good luck Fatima! Hope the knees hold out!

29.05.12 Good luck baby!!!!!!!!!!


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