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At Hope and Play we believe it is every child’s right to grow up in a safe and playful environment with hope for a happy future. Our projects are about creating opportunities for children who don't have this basic right. We have created seaside playspaces for children who have never seen the sea. We are building playgrounds in areas which have been battered by occupation and war. We have sent educational laptops to schools in refugee camps to help provide a richer education. We bring hope and play to children whose circumstances deny them both. We are currently supporting children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in refugee camps in the Middle East.

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Give Gaza Kids some Hope and Play

Saskia Marsh

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As expected, the end result was slightly less polished than the James Bond version... enjoy it, the tourists standing on the bridge listening to my sound effects certainly did... 

Overall we are looking to raise £17,000 for a psychosocial and educational programme for 500 Gaza children. The kids will get: 

  • Supplementary education to strengthen Arabic and Maths skills
  • Therapeutic arts, crafts, poetry and drama classes
  • Festival days at the end of the 4 month period. 

Our partner the Canaan Institute and its Director Issa Saaba have worked with over 400,000 kids in Gaza for more than 20 years and are held in high regard by the local population. Ask any Gazan adult about Issa and they will probably say they attended one of his activities when they were little!

What do you get? 

  • Satisfaction in the knowledge that your hard-earned cash goes directly to a good cause. £34 will go straight towards funding one child to take part in 4 months worth of activities. I am covering the costs of the jump myself so any donation you make goes straight to the project.  Iyas, Tony and I (who collectively comprise Hope and Play's UK registered entity) absorb any costs associated with the charity so again, all money raised through the charity goes to directly into buying arts and crafts materials, books, swings etc etc - we don't have overhead costs. 
  • Updates as the project progresses, and some very nice pictures/end report/hopefully video footage when the programme ends. 
  • Footage of me as I hurl myself into the abyss surrounded by bemused Swiss tourists, for proof/cheap entertainment purposes.
  • For the highest donor, the opportunity to dictate what I should do for my next fundraiser (although you are all welcome to give suggestions, there may be a prize involved for the most original idea...).
  • For the top five donors some (highly) original Gaza artwork by the kids in question - if you have never seen fluorescent statues made out of pink coloured pasta, you are missing out (it may take a while for me to get it to you, but I promise you will receive it eventually).

UK taxpayes can tick the GiftAid option, where the UK Government adds 25% to your donation. 

If you have questions, contact us at And please visit our website - and join our facebook page  - - for regular updates.

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18.11.13 We can't believe you did that, Saskia! Well done and for such a wonderful, hopeful cause too. With our love, Rosemary and Mark

10.11.13 You are a braver woman than I am. Great effort!


07.11.13 Well done!


06.11.13 Hope this can still be useful for the kids Sas.

02.11.13 Sas -well done with the jump and being crazy enough to do it! Looking forward to the updates on hope and play for all the great work you are doing x



29.10.13 You are so brave - what a worthy cause, well done.



29.10.13 xxx


28.10.13 After seeing that/getting my money back this definitely deserves more of my overdraft!

28.10.13 Mabruuk my dear, fair play to you! That freaked me out just watching....

28.10.13 Oh my word, you are mad! What a great cause though, well done x

28.10.13 well worth the money just seeing you jump saskia


27.10.13 Sasky - I just watched the video. You are insane!...but I am always humbled by your dedication to these children. xxx

27.10.13 Well done Saskia! Brave girl.

27.10.13 Well done Saskia!!

25.10.13 Good luck Marsh!

24.10.13 Keep safe!


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