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The Send-a-Child-to-Hucklow Fund is a Trust to arrange and administer holidays at the Nightingale Holiday Centre, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire for groups of disadvantaged children, having no regard to religious, political, racial and other considerations.

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An Attempt at the Longest Sermon

James Barry

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All live on www.ukunitarians.org.uk/tv

"I do hope Joseph Priestley had a sense of humour!" James Barry said releasing the subject of what he hopes will be the world's longest Unitarian Sermon. The 'preachathon' - as it has been called, is entitled 'A History of the Corruption of my Christianity' and plays on the name of the Priestley book that was such an influence in the formation of the non-conformist religious movement.

James, who has been a Unitarian for nearly 20 years, thinks it will be an easy record to break and he can't find anyone who has set one. "I don't think setting irrelevant records is the sort of thing sensible people worry about." James continued. "But as this is purely for charity, common-sense and good taste are automatically banned! Realistically, I have absolutely no idea how long I can keep talking. Normally I get fed up with the sound of my own voice so it might bore myself to sleep. Who knows, I am certainly not going to do any practising! My first mile stone will be at 12 hours. Unless I can make that goal, I really don't feel I will have achieved anything."

If all goes to plan, the entire event will be web cast live. "I am not intending it to be serious at all, but if anyone has any questions they want to ask about us Unitarians, I hope they will send them to me on the chat facility we have on the web page. If I can't answer it, I am hoping that another Unitarian watching the broadcast will be able to. Most people don't know much about us, so it seems a good opportunity for anyone to ask anything. I will of course ban deep and serious or theological questions, this event is for fun!

The funds raised are going to three charities. The Unitarian National Youth Programme, for which James and his partner Lorna are both leaders. A Unitarian Charity that gives under-privileged children a holiday in Derbyshire called 'Send a Child to Hucklow' (SACH). Thirdly funds for Ditchling Unitarians who have the job of maintaining their 17th century listed chapel. SACH have agreed to collect all the money and divide it up equally.

The sermon will start at 12 noon on Sunday 29th July from the Ditchling Unitarian Chapel. Anyone in the area will be most welcome to come and interrupt and throw questions from the floor for as long or as little as they like. Free refreshments are available for those who wish to witness this event in person.

The webcast will be shown on www.ukunitarians.org.uk/tv

More details of the event at www.ukunitarians.org.uk/news


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05.09.12 Well done!

19.08.12 My sermons usually only seem like 31 hours to those listening.

17.08.12 Took me a bloody long time didn't it(!) but I'm not earning so that's my excuse.

15.08.12 Fabulous - great to see such innovative ways to raise our profile and a bit of money. xx

13.08.12 Many Congratulations! Well done James!

11.08.12 Well done James (and Lorna and Maisie and Reg for putting up with it all!)


04.08.12 Sponsorship from Robert Duggan

01.08.12 A WORLD RECORD FOR THE LONGEST SPEECH MARATHON! Three Cheers for James Barry for raising over two thousand pounds! He spoke for 31 hours in our Ditchling Unitarian Church from noon, July 29th to 7 PM July 30th, supported by members & youth.

01.08.12 Well done, James.

30.07.12 Well done James. You're a Star

30.07.12 Well done James - and keep going!

30.07.12 I reckon £1 an hour is about right - so here's another £10 to add to my previous £20. Well done James !!!

30.07.12 Well done! Keep going. Jane and Eric, Edinburgh

30.07.12 Carry on sermoning. Well done James


30.07.12 That's the spirit! xx

30.07.12 Fantastic effort!

30.07.12 You are mad but deserve the sponsorship however long you ramble on!

30.07.12 Well done for managing to talk for this long!

30.07.12 Well done James. Please send a story to The Inquirer!

30.07.12 Good luck James! Keep going........

30.07.12 Hurrah!! GO JAMES! You're making excellent progress!! Only a few hours to go!!!

29.07.12 Well done James, keep it up! All the best from Izzy and the Wagners


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