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The Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust for research into rare Childhood Cancers, set up in memory of Grace Kelly who passed away at the age of 4 from a Renal Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour. We provide grants and funding for research, and also working to improve awareness of childhood cancer to aid earlier diagnosis. We are working to save lives to fulfil Grace's wish of helping others.
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Running for Grace

Jennifer Kelly

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Update: My initial 10k challenge has now been upgraded to a half marathon!

This is going to be interesting, but I can promise that I will give it my all for both my girls. #angelGrace and Jess my heros.

Most people reading this will already know the story of our beautiful Grace, taken from us in November 2014 at the age of 4 years old. Her tumour type was rare, a rhabdoid tumour that spread rapidly. She went from a happy little girl having started school to passing away in just under 3 weeks.

The Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust, set up in memory of Grace is now fighting for so many children, supporting families, funding research and  teaching the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer to clinicians, parents and health visitors. My girl is truely saving lives and I am so proud of her.

Last year, I did a sky dive in Grace's memory. So brave people said at the time to do such a terrifying challenge, but the truth was, that was easy. All I had to do was to fall out of a plane tied to someone who knew what they were doing. Scary at the time, but didn't take so much effort.

On September 17th, I am going to be running (well trying to!) the Worcester City 10k. For me, this challenge is far far harder. Why? Well for a number of reasons. Anyone that knows me is aware that I am no runner. I was one of those at the back at school partly from lack of fitness but also because I was born with a metabolic bone disorder which has affected my growth, resulting in chronic pain, early arthritis and surgeries making running a bit of a challenge to say the least!

Sorry to the podiatrist and physio that very kindly called me a biomechanical nightmare (!) and forbid me from impact exercise, especially as they may need to pick the pieces up aferwards, but this needs to be done. I always told Grace one day I would get fit(ter), so here goes!

So this run is for my Grace, but also for Jess, her little sister. Jess not only is battling the same metabolic bone disorder as me, but a rare form of colitis as well that has resulted in her only being able to eat a handful of foods and a specialist feed. She takes a battery of medications daily. But she does it all with a huge smile on her face, even when in pain.

To show her that despite her health problems, she really can achieve what ever she wants, even if it takes a little more work than for most people. Also to help keep the memory of Grace alive, which to Jess is so important.  She is so proud of her sister and misses having her so so much.

For anyone that knows me, running is a huge challenge. I genuinely did not think I could reach even a mile so started jogging / walking hiding in the fields behind our house. I have been building this very slowly and it is still rather hit and miss whether I will be able to run it all but I promise you this. I will finish it, however long it takes :)

This is for Grace, Jess and all our children fighting cancer or who have become angels like Grace. Having had melanoma in my early twenties, trust me, this is nothing to what these children including Grace went through and are still going  through now.

They deserve to all have a future, and I am determined to do all that I can to fight for my girls and all the children fighting.

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Let's keep helping Grace make a difference. Thanks so much.

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22.09.17 Good Luck! x


18.09.17 Hi Jen, only recently heard about Grace and her foundation. I can't begin to imagine what you and your family have been through and continue to go through. It's truly inspiring what you are achieving. Just sobbed reading your page. Much love, Kirsten

18.09.17 Well done Jen! You are a superstar and such an inspiration. Much love xxx

18.09.17 Well done x

17.09.17 I read about your fundraising and your story and am really impressed

17.09.17 Well done, great achievement xox

17.09.17 Fantastic effort! Love Simon & Narindra x

17.09.17 Well done Jen, fantastic achievement

17.09.17 Upgraded donation from 6.2 miles to 13.1 miles.

17.09.17 Well done Jen Best wishes Eleanor and Mark

17.09.17 Well done Jen et al, love the Harrisons x

17.09.17 Good luck ladies, Jen I know about your story through Liz and I'm just blown away by what you're doing. I think it's brilliant, well done and who knows where it may end xxx

17.09.17 Well done Jen! Brilliant achievement! You and Gaz are such an inspiration. Love 'Essex' Mark, Katie, Henry and Alex Portou

17.09.17 Fantastic effort, well done. Grace would be so proud of everything you've achieved for her, as are we.

17.09.17 Lots of love and xxx . from T.L

17.09.17 Good luck!

17.09.17 Good luck Jen!

17.09.17 Go Jen, I know you can do it!! Xxx

17.09.17 Good luck Jen!!

17.09.17 Good luck Jen! xxxx

17.09.17 Good luck today, you'll be great. Making a difference in the world and making everyone proud. Always in awe. Cathryn and Elodie. XxxxX

17.09.17 Good luck Jenny! Xxx

16.09.17 Good luck Jenny! So proud of you and all you have done for your girls. Lots of love Han Tom and George xxxxxx

16.09.17 Go Jen! You will be amazing! X


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