Mind has been speaking out for better mental health for 60 years and is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. At Mind, we work for a better life for everyone with experience of mental or emotional distress.
Hospice In The Weald
Hospice in the Weald provides compassionate, individualised, holistic and supportive care for all patients with terminal illnesses, their families and carers.
Myeloma UK
Registered as a charity in 1997, Myeloma UK is the leading UK cancer organisation dealing specifically with myeloma and its related disorders. Our broad and innovative range of services cover every aspect of myeloma, from information and support to improving standards of treatment and care through research, education, campaigning and raising awareness. Our strategy is to take an integrated approach to systematically address the barriers and challenges that are slowing down myeloma research and the development of, and access to, new treatments, optimal care, information and support.
The Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre
Most people are affected by cancer during their lives and many find this a traumatic and lonely experience. We aim to help and support anyone going through the emotional upset of cancer, from diagnosis onwards, be they patients, their partners, children, friends, or carers. We offer a safe, relaxing, friendly environment where mutual support and information can be found, without the pressure of appointments or time restraints. We offer a wide range of complementary therapies, such as reflexology, reiki, healing and massage; also nutritional advice, yoga and counselling. All are available free of charge.
Dame Kelly Holmes Trust
The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust’s mission is to get lives on track using world class athletes to engage, enable and empower disadvantaged young people. At a time where there are more than one million 16-25 year-olds not in education, employment or training (NEET) in the UK, our work is now more important than ever. Through a range of personal development programmes run across the country, every one of our young people receives mentoring and support from a world-class athlete.
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Kelly's Heroes fundraising page


My page:

Hiya here's my story:

For the first time ever I am asking people for money.

For many years I have given a lot of my own money to charities as well as investing a huge amount of time over the past 20 years to be a patron, ambassador, founder or chair to different ones.

So now I am attempting to do the London Marathon – “Yikes?” and setting myself a massive goal of raising £250,000 for five charities.

I say attempting, as I AM NOT a long distance runner. Let's get this straight - 11 years older than when I was an 'old' Olympic Champion, I pretty much gave up running, pray my legs will hold up over the coming months, have done one half marathon in my whole career (last year with no training, breakfast or warm up) and I get soooo bored running a long way!

But I AM going to do it!

So my plea to you is to please support me to raise as much money as possible for the five charities I have chosen. (Maybe six down the line) and help me get embroiled in what will hopefully become a PR frenzy of fundraising where I may have to become a media h---y in honour of my causes - but hey?!

I have only just set up my page so still some pretty things to put on there, but it gives an overview of why I am supporting the charities I am.

I am a Marathon and fundraising Virgin (get it?) so any help would be truly appreciated.

Whatever you can give is more than I have right now, and will be brilliant so thank you Xxx

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Through the trust we are helping young people make long term life changes. It is incredible to see someone who feels they have nothing to live for, make amazing personal transformations.  

Hospice in the Weald

My coach Dave Arnold who coached me for a total of 15 years passed away 2 years to the day I won my 1500m Gold medal. August 28th. I will never forget what he did to guide me as a 12 year old and how he then became a mentor in the latter years. He will never be forgotten in my heart and I have been a patron for the Hospice for many years.

The following three charities are ones that I feel very passionate about even though I am not an ambassador. There are certain times in life where situations stare you in the face and you can either crumble or be inspired and in awe of people and the cause.

Myeloma UK

My mother has been going through treatment for myeloma, and I am so pleased to say that the treatment she has received has been truly amazing, and she’s doing really well. Myeloma is an incurable cancer and it’s hard to treat because every case is unique. The money that goes to Myeloma UK will support research to make sure people like my mum get the treatment that’s right for them

Pickering Cancer Centre

I met a lady called Polly on News Years Eve 2015 and was captivated by her passion for her charity. She told me that when I was winning my second Gold medal she was told she had survived cancer for the 2nd time and that was like her Gold! I was hooked and after visiting the cancer centre which is run entirely by volunteers, I knew I wanted to help.

Mind UK

As I write this note Mind UK have no idea that I am choosing them as a charity. Having suffered from depression and self harming myself, my choice to support them is a very personal one.  Seeing that more and more people, including children are going through personal turmoil it is important that I can help highlight and give awareness to the issues that are so often silenced.

I am pleased to say that two other guys Jeff Beedie and Mark Sterratt have agreed to run the Virgin London Marathon on behalf of my charities. It’s great to get that added support for fundraising.

Sponsor them here -

Thank you to my offline donors -

Cyril Hildenborough, £20

Olive Tonbridge, £5

Ben Jacobs Doha, £10

St Georges £1500

Eric Hadley £10

Squerryes Wolfe of Westerham £2500

John Benoy £100

Recent donors

28.05.16 Legend for coming to MAIDSTONE ParkRun and putting up with all us sweaty runners wanting selfies with you. You didn't stop smiling once. Thank you

28.05.16 Thank you for coming to the Maidstone Parkrun today! Was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with your fundraising!

28.05.16 Thank you for joining us at Maidstone parkrun today. Good luck with the fundraising!

28.05.16 great to see you at Maidstone parkrun today & thanks for the cool down run

28.05.16 Because you were so generous with your time at Maidstoneparkrun today, I wanted to be a little generous back

28.05.16 Thanks for coming to Maidstone Parkrun

28.05.16 Happy parkrun day xxx

28.05.16 Dame Kelly - one fabulous female!

26.05.16 Well played Kelly, keep up the good work

25.05.16 Cafe 1809 dontations

25.05.16 KICS


25.05.16 Great work Kelly! xx

24.05.16 for Dr Glenville talk 22nd June

23.05.16 Marilyn Glenville talk x 2

19.05.16 Literary in the Lounge This is a donation from Sue Farrell(Natalie's mum) and Sandra Holland

19.05.16 Well done Kelly - from all at Hugh Christie x

18.05.16 Donation for the Dr Glenville Talk 22nd June 2016

18.05.16 from GSK

17.05.16 From Debbie and Margaret for Literary in the Lounge

17.05.16 Dr Marilyn Glenville talk

17.05.16 For literacy in the lounge

17.05.16 Dr Glenville talk

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