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Born: 30/05/1954 - Passed away: 30/06/2015

We are raising money for Chordoma UK, a charity which is dedicated to researching this rare form of cancer. All the money raised goes straight to the research team at UCL and it really is worthwhile as the money we raised last year allowed for a new researcher to join the team! The breakthroughs they make are shared with other researchers as they are applicable to many other forms of cancer. With this in mind we would really appreciate any donations big or small in support of James Major. 

Total donations: £20.00



£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

nats k


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Good luck dudes!


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UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust
Total raised: £20.00

The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust exisits to support the groundbreaking research taking place at the UCL Cancer Institute. Its mission is to: Decrease the burden of cancer through laboratory and clinical research Develop excellence, a...

Ed Major

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£4455.98 (excl Gift Aid)


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