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Master Glass Seller's Jailed and Bailed Fund

Gwenllian Rhys

My page:


I've been invited by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Alan Yarrow and the Lady Mayoress to be Jailed & Bailed at The Tower on 19 June.


The day starts at 10.30am with coffee in the Mansion House but I'll hardly have time to drink it before The City of London Police will arrest me - goodness knows what the charges will be (but you know, I don't always behave myself!) - and I'll be transported to The Tower where I'll remain until I reach my Bail sum of £1000.

What's more, I'm on water rations (courtesy of Pol Roger) which I suspect may be sparkling.

I lunched with the Judges at the Old Bailey at the end of March and took the opportunity to ask their advice.  "Remember you're innocent until proved guilty" they said, but as for helping me get out of Jail,  I strongly suspect they're in cahoots with the City Police and I'm not sure they'll be of much help to me on the day so I'm relying on YOU to get me out.

I've Women in the City to run and, more importantly, a cat (who thinks he IS the Lord Mayor) to feed and lots of exciting Livery events to attend in the coming months.

Your donation will help secure my release and support the British Red Cross in all its good work.


 Bail is set at £1000

but I know with your help

I'll raise MUCH MORE!!!!



GWEN: Master Glass Seller


Recent donors

21.07.15 I hope this brings you up to £1500. Love to CJ!

28.06.15 Best wishes

23.06.15 Gwen - Glad to see you survived

22.06.15 Gwen This is to contribute to the 'keep her locked up fund' but I guess it isn't enough as I gather they let you out or you escaped! Hope you had fun Best wishes Richard

21.06.15 Hope you enjoyed the experience

19.06.15 Great cause Master Glass Seller ! Hope to see you soon Gwen, all the best for an early release

19.06.15 I hope the staff haven't lost the keys.

18.06.15 Pob lwc ,it sounds like it will be a difficult day I do hope you will survive it !

17.06.15 Good luck ....... and enjoy !!

16.06.15 Now you are free! Dam it!

15.06.15 Those pesky Red Cross people will stoop to anything to get money. Free 'The Brackley One'!

14.06.15 As your lawyer I had better make sure I'm available to extricate you from the Tower on the 19th. By the sounds of it you won't want me to come along too early.

13.06.15 With Pol Roger water on tap you don't want to be released too soon!

12.06.15 Have they any idea what they are letting themselves in for! No guesses on who starts the prison riot first. Enjoy xx

12.06.15 Gwen, we had a quick 'car boot sale' over lunch in aid of your freedom. Sold all sorts of tat byt made £45!

12.06.15 Drink in the Clink and be Merry until we get you out!

12.06.15 Don't cause any trouble while you're in there!

10.06.15 Good luck!

09.06.15 Leave your mark on the Bloody Tower Gwen - well done!!!! Best wishes, Carole

09.06.15 Always happy to support the Red Cross, Gwen... Have a glass for me while you are in the Tower! See you at the next Women in the City Event.


05.05.15 Apparently it only costs £999 to be freed from Bodmin Jail. Cheaper in the West Country!

02.05.15 Good luck, Gwen!

23.04.15 Well done. I hope all goes well.

23.04.15 Well done- fund raising for a good cause with the hard work being done by others!


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