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The Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity we are the only independent UK charity solely devoted to the rehoming, health and welfare of the Hungarian Vizsla. OUR VISION Every Vizsla has a healthy life in a happy home with responsible ownership. OUR MISSION The Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity promotes responsible ownership of the breed with advice about health and welfare and help with adoption and re-homing.
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Claire Millar

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Hi, Thanks for visiting my page.

I am excited to run the 2017 Liverpool Marathon for a wonderful cause, the Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity.

I am running 26.2 miles to raise much needed funding for a very special little boy of ours, Baloo.

Baloo came into the Charities care at the beginning of February with a known heart murmur, thought to be a Grade 5, which is the worst.

The then keeper of this pup could not afford the life-saving surgery for Balloo, so asked if the Charity would take him on and rehome him.

Last year we had a similar case presented to us, a little girl pup and the heart murmur Grade was a 4, so slightly better but only just. Although the surgery was expensive, she is now leading the full life that a young Vizsla should and her life expectancy is now normal... So the Trustees agreed we should give this little pup a chance as well.

The pup is with a great foster family who are experienced in Vizslas and looking after post op conditions – they have a mother & daughter of ours they adopted- Baloo has been welcomed by these two lovely girls and his doggy education is continuing with them as kind tutors!!!

The surgery is very expensive but we feel worthwhile, without it, the Cardiac Surgeons have said his life will be very short but with the surgery he could be like the other girl pup, whom they also operated on.

His surgery is scheduled for March 21st so not long now for him to start hopefully on the road to a new healthy life.


Little Baloo has come through the surgery and they are pleased with the results so far. He is just waking up as I type this post.
They will know more tomorrow after another scan as to how successful it has been.

Further Update 23rd March

Baloo has gone home tonight to his foster family.
He was kept in an extra day as there were couple of irregular heart beats which they were not too worried about but wanted to monitor for another 24hrs.
To give you some idea as to how serious his condition was, his internal heart pressure was 100 which was critical level. Normal is around 20-25.
After the op they expected Baloos to be about 50 as it was so bad, however on re scanning and pressure testing, it is 25!!! So quite miraculous.
He is still having the odd extra beat but they have said it could well settle over the next couple of weeks as the heart muscle has inevitably bruised but they have sent him home on some heart medication to help everything heal.
They want to see him back in 2 weeks for removal of stitches then in a month from then for a rescan.

16th April

Had an update from Baloo's foster family yesterday. All is going extremely well.
His energy levels are going up. His exercise now has been extended as per surgeons instructions. He is off his heart medication as of Monday but has been on a reduction over the last week or so and no further arrhythmias. Baloo is due his final scan at the end of April and everyone concerned is feeling this is just a formality but good to have it confirmed. 
His appetite is good and he is growing and gaining weight now.
The Welfare Charity have paid the first Invoice of just over £4000 so it looks as if it is another successful op and we made the right decision to go ahead with this little chap.


Baloo has had his post surgery check up - with follow up Cardiogram and
his heart pressure is now almost normal -it was a little raised but they
said he was a bit anxious- think he thought he was staying again!! The
conclusion is he will lead as normal a life and life span as any dog may do.
His energy levels are normal for a dog his age - he is growing as he
should do now and putting on weight in the right places.
He has to go back in 6mths time for another examination then possibly a
year after that -then would normally be discharged- if he continues
along the lines that he is.

Greagt news that Baloo's foster family are adopting him as they have said very firmly -he
is going no where as he has completely taken over the hearts of the
family and the two Vizlsa girls he is living with (mother & daughter)
adopted from us several years ago --. Of course they are teaching young
Baloo the way of the world if he steps out of line too much -but
generally they are very patient with him even allowing the young upstart
to share their beds.

A wonderful end for this little boy- and a big thankyou to all those who
have supported my Marathon run to raise

funds to help with his expenses as they have not finished yet with a couple more trips to come to the Cardiac surgeons .There is still time
to donate as the run is not until 28th May !!!!

A bit about me...

I am a Welfare Officer for the Charity. I am also a dog walker which is my own business. 

Liverpool will be my second marathon. I'm 36, mum of 2 daughters and 2 Vizsla boys, 1 of these, Scooby, is my Welfare Charity boy and we all live in Cardiff.

I really appreciate all your support and good wishes for Balloo... and a massive thank you for any donations. 

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to my nominated charity. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation. Please don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation as HVWC can claim an extra 25p per every £1 donated at no extra cost to you! 

Much love, Millar xx

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