Chance for Childhood
Chance for Childhood is an international charity working in Africa to support vulnerable children such as disabled children, street children, child soldiers and children affected by conflict. We work in harsh environments where violence and poverty rob thousands of young people of their childhood and force them to grow up much too quickly. Our projects are tailored to the unique needs of each individual and their communities, but all include aspects on education, justice and inclusion. Chance for Childhood was founded in 1992, originally under the name of ‘Jubilee Action’. In December 2016 we merged with fellow UK charity Street Child Africa to maximise our impact and help more vulnerable children. With your support today, we can rebuild more young lives for the chance of a better future.
Only 104 days to go!

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New Nyabihu School's fundraising page

Isobel Blakeley

My page:

Hi, thanks for visiting our page. Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor us and donations will be quickly processed and passed to the charity 'Chance for Childhood'. 

They will send the money directly to Louis' account for the building project for the new Centre for Deaf Children in Rwanda.

Nyabihu Update August 2015

Well, its 9 months since I opened the Virgin Just Giving page to start to raise money for the new Nyabihu School.  Some things have changed in that time, and I thought I should update you with the progress.

Chance for Childhood, an English Charity, are now funding most of the running costs of the Centre.  This is a wonderful change because it means that the Centre’s future is guaranteed for many years.

Because of this – other changes have happened.

  1. Louis now has a monthly salary! Before, he was running the Centre without getting any income himself!
  2. Additional teachers have been employed – and they are qualified.
  3. The teachers are being paid more money each month than before.
  4. Two Learning Support Assistants have been employed to work with the first classes.
  5. A Head Teacher has been appointed.  She is a qualified teacher with a Degree.  She will be able to help Louis to run the school, improve the quality of teaching, and give him more time to devote to the Centre Management.
  6. 40 more children have been added to the School role.  These are all children who either had never been to school, or had dropped out because they could not learn in their local school, without specialist support.  There are now 110 children at the Centre.
  7. More beds, mattresses, pots, pans, utensils, desks, benches etc have been bought to accommodate these children.
  8. More accommodation has been rented, 200 metres from the Centre, and the boys now sleep there and the girls at the original Centre.
  9. There are now two cooks and 2 guards.

10.  The unqualified teachers are getting more training. 

Additional Changes

  • VSO are still supporting 2 teachers and the Woodcraft project.  But this funding will cease at Christmas.
  • East Point Rotary Club in Lowestoft are funding a further teacher who is working as a Sign Support Teacher in the local school.
  • Rotary Club of Kigali are now actively interested in the Centre, and one of their members has made a personal donation.
  • The Woodcrafts and knitted products are finding outlets in the local community.
  • The Centre have won funding for 2 more knitting machines from a Rwandan Charity, AIC

The Building Project

  • Louis has managed to secure the documentation for the land, so that he can now apply for planning permission.  This has been a marathon task, but it has been achieved.
  • The Just Giving Page has raised over £11,000 which is a fantastic amount!!  A BIG THANK YOU to all who have contributed.  We have been overwhelmed by your generosity and compassion.
  • This amount will be more than enough to survey the land, prepare it for building, pay for plans to be drawn up, and a security wall/fence to be built around the site.
  • Plans are being drawn up by a local architect for consideration.

Things that have not changed.

  • The children are still living in the same very poor conditions.
  • The threat of expropriation of some of the land where the Centre is now, to make way for road widening is still active, and we do not know when this will take place.  This would cut right through the middle of the present Centre.
  • There is nowhere suitable within the Centre for the children to play, and there are now 110 children!


Here I am, on my visit to the Centre at the end of June.  This is the space for 110 children to play in and the surface they play on. 

The toilets and living conditions have not changed.  The threatened demolition would take out the buildings down the left of the Courtyard.  That would be all of the toilets, some offices, a woodcraft workroom and a small dormitory.

Losing the toilets may not be a bad move – but you do need somewhere to go! 

The future

We have been very encouraged by the changes that have been achieved over the last nine months.  The next challenge will be to actually start on the building project.  Frustratingly, these things take time.  But it is just as well, as these things also take money and it means that we have time to continue to raise what we can towards the building costs.  Once the land is levelled and the security fence erected, the next major step will be to build dormitories, toilets and washing facilities so that the children can move to live in a much healthier and nicer environment.  Offices and workrooms can come later.

It is good to have vision – without it there would be no achievement.

Visit the Centre's website for more information.

Here is the link

These children deserve a better start in life - you can help.

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Recent donors

07.08.17 Happy Birthday Trina!

01.08.17 Wow....all those coins you have so kindly collected....thank you, thank you. Sooooo generous and every small penny makes a very big difference.

01.08.17 With gratitude for your leadership at Westgate and wishing you every happiness at your new school.

01.08.17 Thank you to all the parents in the HIU who have contributed to the regular raffles. We will get the school built slowly but surely thanks to your support.

01.08.17 Thank you Gentle Woman for your faithful support in collecting 5ps....every single one is much appreciated.

01.08.17 More jewellery sold..thank you, thank you.

01.08.17 Thank you for raising so much in your sponsored slim. Your weight loss was certainly a great gain to the fund. Thank you to all involved.

01.08.17 A belated thank you Oliver for such a wonderful achievement. Half a You must have been exhausted afterwards but delighted knowing what a difference you will be making. Thank you again. Yours in admiration Miss R -)

30.07.17 Happy birthday to Trina. X

16.06.17 Another sponsorship donation has come in from Newark for my D of E!

15.06.17 A donation as a result of my D of E Bronze for which I ran a half marathon.I picked this charity as my sister Scarlett loved being at Westgate HIU, I want other deaf children to enjoy school.Thank you to all in Bristol, Durham and Newark who supported me.


06.06.17 Thank you to each and everyone in the Needham Entertainment Company who worked so hard to put on the most delightful production of Snow White. Such fun to watch and your wonderful generosity enables hope to be shared at Nyabihu too. Thank you, thank you.

06.06.17 Thank you for sharing your holiday cheer. Really kind of you.

12.04.17 Wow! Totally unbelievable! All the coins you have so generously donated during Lent will make such a HUGE difference to each and every hearing impaired child at Nyabihu. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful Westgate children and families.

11.04.17 Happy Easter! Instead of choccie eggs, some chucky eggs for the school children.X

05.04.17 Money towards the build....offered by two very beloved colleagues x

25.03.17 Thank you to everyone that has bought raffle tickets over the term when we have gathered to celebrate the children's achievements. Your kindness and generosity is truly making a difference to the Rwandan deaf children.

25.03.17 Happy Birthday Sue. Thank you for all your support.

25.03.17 Thank you Fiona for donating items to be sold to add to the fund. Really appreciated ..we will get there.

19.02.17 Thank you for donating your jewellery to be sold, each bead and sparkle will truly make a difference.

25.12.16 Happy Christmas Day to all involved in the Fundraising especially Mrs Blakeley and Miss Rankin!

22.12.16 Happy Christmas, Trina. Another few bricks in the wall.X

21.12.16 Thank you to all the families of the children in Westgate's Hearing Impaired Unit, for the regular raffles have raised £65. Thank you, thank you, thank you. More and more bricks so the school WILL be built. Hooray. :-)

21.12.16 Once again you have faithfully collected 5ps and so another 105 bricks will help fulfil the dream of actually building the school for the deaf. Thank you Gentle Woman.


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