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Lymphoma Association
The Lymphoma Association provides information and support to anyone affected by lymphatic cancer - the most common cancer in the 15 to 30 age group and the 6th most common cancer diagnosed overall in the UK.
The Christie charity
The Christie is one of Europe's leading cancer centres, treating over 40,000 patients a year. We are also an international leader in research, with world first breakthroughs for over 100 years. Ambitious plans are underway to transform treatment and care for cancer patients. These developments include a new £35 million patient treatment centre, which will house the largest early clinical trials unit in the world - and a unique network of £17 million Christie radiotherapy centres in other parts of the area to deliver treatment closer to people's homes. Our charity helps pay for extra patient services, vital research, high-tech equipment and new developments.
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Nichiless Dey

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Bloody Hell!

That was the cleanest of my thoughts when I received the news from Mr Maddox on Friday 5th June 2015.

One lymph node and one lymph cluster grown wild...

low grade diffuse large B-Cell non-Hodgkin follicular lymphoma



The medical bit... a 100% low grade follicular lymphoma in the node in the right shoulder - now removed by an excellent surgeon and his team at the James Cook University Hospital.


80% low grade follicular lymphoma in the 'blimey, your a big 'un' left groin lymph node cluster, with 20% of the biopsy sample at stage III high grade lymphoma! Several bits of the latter node(s) was biopsied along with an 'apple core' of my pelvic bone... ouch!

The result

No more physics & science teaching - never forget my young padawan's 'PHYSICS IS your FRIEND - for an absolute minimum of 6 months as the chemotherapy, scheduled to begin early in July, will flatten my creaking immune system. All will overseen by Professor Cowan of The Christie Hospital and his newly formed Wigan super team, so fear not folks, I am in most excellent hands.

UPDATE (13.viii.15): After a frightening lymph node growth spurt was reassuringly explained as normal I am now in a 'wait-&-see' holding pattern. The next series of scans and tests will be in October - unless something occurs before then. Huge thanks to Professor Cowan for taking a personal and time-consuming interest in my case. Hugely impressed with & grateful to all at The Christie. I'm now a volunteer - well, I've got to do something wth all this free time!

UPDATE (2.i.16): The surgery seems to have cleared up all signs of NHL above the diaphragm - very lucky and VERY GOOD NEWS. The groin lymph node cluster is still slowly enlarging although is positioned so as not to damage any vital organs. I'm still in 'watch & wait' and having regular scans and blood tests at The Christie. I'm now managing the fatigue pragmatically - with huge thanks to Ann of The Christie's excellent Psycho-Oncology Team - I must admit to being rather skeptical about CBT but it has worked worked wonders. I'm also returning to teaching, albeit part time, and six months earlier than anticipated - Bolton physicists prepare yourselves for my infamous 'fun quizzes'. Fostering a wonderful lurcher called Dexter from has forced me to walk between five and ten kilometers each day over the last month - although I have lost my sofa, about a third of all meals (a good thing!) and all but a 10 cm wide strip of my bed! Today I return to the saddle and begin my training for the Tour of Flanders sportive, The TdF London-2-Paris challenge and Ride London 2016 (assuming I win a place through the ballot) and will be coached by the superb Gary Kristensen MBE of - I've never had a cycling coach before and am incredibly grateful to Gary for taking me on-board and hugely excited abut the whole thing. Huge thank to Nozad who contacted me out of the blue offereing a free week of cycling with his superb company - possible the finest and certinly the most challenging riding that I've ever experienced. Immense thanks to Rich for joining me at very short notice. Sublime times and such happy memories - the absolute high point of a rather sticky 2015. The astonishing generosity of people from all over the world, many who are total strangers, has made huge difference to me - I can and will achieve these challenges and I can and will overcome adapt to the demands of the NHL. Peace, happiness and eternal tailwinds for 2016. Incurable does not mean the end - just a new beginning. Nick

The cause: I simply have to give something back - it is my way of fighting!

I found the website, helpline and buddy system of the Lymphoma Association a rock on which to anchor in the maelstrom of events going on around me - no job, yet another move, a very sick mother and the black hole of an uncertain future. Their support, advice and ability to listen, especially during the horrendous time waiting for a diagnosis - sorry, I was not fun to be around - was a real life-saver. The Lymphoma Association helped me to help myself, and to hold everything together.

The Lymphoma Association will continue to help and to guide me through this very unexpected - and deeply unplesent - journey. they are very deserving of our support as they touch the lives of so many with this uncurable cancer.

The future...

These fundraising and lobbying will also serve as a life-goal for me to work towards - something vital for a healthy state of mind.

You can follow my journey, if you wish, at...

So, you ask, what will I actually be doing to raise these much needed funds for two absolutely vital organisations?

Lots of things!

My fundraising events...

Yogathon - £204.52 raised in four hours of amazing yoga. 7th November 2015

Huge thanks to Michelle from Studio One Yoga, Lee, Kathy, Suzanna, and especially Peter of Broga Northwest - the brainchild and primary energy source behind this magical afternoon. Hearfelt thanks too must go to all those who travelled so far (Stroud!) and donated so much. We were a small but very happy band :-) Apologises if I've missed you - I'm shattered and lying on the my mat!

[b]London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2016[/b]

My primary goal will be to get myself fit enough to ride a retro bicycle in retro kit - think glistening steel, wolly jumper & toe-clips - from London to Paris in July 2016. This will mean cycling about 400 miles in four days: probably more as I do tend to pedal off in the wrong direction!

I'll also aim to join the Ride London-Surrey 100 mile evernt in August 2016, but this time on glisting modern plastic (OK, carbon!)

Such is the magnificance of my friends and colleagues, several have already promised to sign up to join me on this Lymphoma Associaion UK organsied ride. Chapeau Sirs!

As these events will cost money to plan and to run I will soon be auctioning one of my beloved steel bikes, along with some cherished yet unused cycling kit, to cover every penny of the participation expense. So you see, it's not a free cycling holiday!

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow: At some point in 2016 or 2017 I will having a sponsored head shave... just to be the chemo to it - if it's going to go, then it's going on my terms!

Tea, anyone? I'll also be hosting a few 'Great British Tea Breaks' both at home and my brilliantly supportive gym. Alas, my baking is more infamous than legendary! Why not host one yourself and support from a distance? 

On the Road/Boat to nowhere: Health permitting I also intend to ride a WattBike for several hours and get an indoor cycling & rowing challenge up and running - huge thanks for this unsolicited offer must go to Russ & Sam at the most brilliant of gyms: RM Fitness.

Now a second quest for Knight of Sufferlandria would be fittingly eccentric (see UK #39!) Marc - the wonder mechanic at McLovin Bikes and a small band of merry men & I will going for this at the end of February... all things permitting.

Please be reassured that all of your money will go towards supporting two brilliant charitable organisations - any expenses will be covered by myself (or my very generous, radiant and altruistic family... hint, hint guys!)

Thanks ever very much for taking the time to visit my little page amongst thousands - there are so many worthwhile causes out there that need our support - I hope you feel inspired to donate to mine.

Please 'Laugh at Lymphoma' with me :-D


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23.04.16 Thanks for the sponsorship Mike (

04.04.16 Cheers dude hope this is OK

24.03.16 Great work. Keep up the cycling :) Saw your message on the Rapha forum


28.01.16 The final failed dry-January fine!

16.01.16 More payments from me and my failed dry-january :-D

08.01.16 Happy Birthday :-)

03.01.16 My Dry-January 'efforts!

03.01.16 Good job mate, loving your work :-)

02.01.16 Good luck and well done

02.01.16 You can do this Nic! Looking forward to reading how you fund raising goes. Sounds like some challenging events coming up. Stay strong x

02.01.16 Good luck and god bless

02.01.16 Good luck - you can do it.

01.01.16 Good luck Nick you are amazing

01.01.16 Wow! Good luck Nick. I'm stunned! Positivity is such an empowering thing. Thank you from Dexter too for changing his life :-)

01.01.16 Donations handed to me on New Years Eve'... There are a lot of incredibly generous folk in Wigan & Standish. Huge thanks

30.12.15 What a brilliant thing to do!

01.12.15 Weil Gluck!

10.11.15 Sorry I couldn't be there for your yogathon mate but I'm sure it was a great event.

07.11.15 Thanks a million to everyone who gave so generously of their time, expertise and money. Yoga has such a wonderful community.

16.09.15 Positive thoughts being sent your way

12.09.15 Good luck from me & Major the rescued Greyhound

11.09.15 Hope it goes really well & that you raise lots. Wish I could be there on the day

01.09.15 It's started pal. Let's make a huge dent in that £3000 target

01.09.15 Good luck Peter and everyone taking part x


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