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Sunday, 13 September update!

Sorry, I've been on the road (and this page is surprisingly hard to update on an iPhone!). On Thursday, one hour short of a week, we crossed $1,000,000!!!  Can you believe it?  I can't!  This page will stay open for about another week, but I truly, truly can't thank you enough for all your unbelievable support.  Look at my Twitter feed for more specific info on the charity and where your money will go.  But you've been stars, just stars.

Tuesday update!

The awesome people at Epic Reads have donated $5000 (£3250)! Plus amazing stuff going on that I can't type in on my phone. More soon!

Even further Monday update!

We've received an amazing £10,000 donation from Egmont Press in the UK, plus our next £10,000 match (at £497k) is from none other than Hunger Games' Suzanne Collins.  AMAZING!

Further Monday update!  The Girl on the Train author Paula Hawkins has said she'll be the next £10k match! When we reach £457k (or £467k if Philip Pullman's match comes in today), then she'll put in £10k in matching!

Also, the Bellacqua Charitable Trust (administered by Pullman) has donated £5000 offline in addition!  Amazing!

AND bigger publishers have started to donate, too.  Hachette UK is donating £10,000 and another £10,000 "when" we reach £1million!  And Penguin Random House followed that up with a donation promise of £15,000!  That's another £25,000 that isn't even reflected in the thermometer yet.

Monday Update!

We crossed our £435,000 goal overnight, which means Philip Pullman will donate an additional £10,000!  Which means, with Gift Aid & outstanding donations, we're just under £521,000.  Which is extraordinary.  Extraordinary.

And today!  Keep an eye out.  The Children's Writers and Illustrators Group of the Sociey of Authors held their annual conference over the weekend and pledged (marshalled by author John Dougherty) an additional £3,000, many from people who'd given already!  Watch for the donations from yet more children's writers and illustrators from the UK below marked with CWIG New Visions.

Also, many people have been auctioning things to raise funds, too, so thank yous to Nicolette Jones, author Amy Plum, and Scott Pack!  And sorry if I've missed anyone.  It's been a bit of a melee!  But wow!

Sunday afternoon update!

Breaking news ;-)  The brilliant, legendary Philip Pullman has pledged £10,000. So when we cross £435,000, he matches it!  Amazing!

Sunday morning update -

With one pledge yet to come in and with Gift Aid added, we're at £495,000 pounds or JUST OVER THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!  know these things have a natural life and I'm so far beyond what I ever expected, so I just want to say, wherever it goes, This has been the most extraordinary 72 hours of my entire life in YA. You guys have been incredible, simply incredible. Thank you.


Amazingly, we're still going!  How to Train Your Dragon Author Cressida Cowell has pledged £10,000 when we reach £357,000 and Anthony Horowitz has pledged £10,000 when we reach £367,000!  No idea how long we can do this, so let's just ride the wave, eh?

Also a special, special thank you to the publishers who've helped out!  Andersen Press, Walker Books, Candlewick Press, all the way to the two-person Blowfish Press have donated.  It's amazing!


You guys, I mean it, you freaking guys.  Since the last update, we've met EVERY SINGLE MATCHING CHALLENGE, and since then, authors Jill Mansell, Anita Anand and Jessie Burton ALSO challenged and matched £10,000 each.

We also zoomed past £250,000, which means that Virgin Giving are going to waive all the fees.

It's been an amazing 36 hours (36 HOURS!!).  Please keep it up!


It's been an amazing day! Authors Rosamund Lupton, David Nicholls, Louisa Young and YA publisher Andersen Press have all pledged (and had matched!), so you can add £45,000 to the total on the right!

What's more, when we reach £200,000, the awesome Marian Keyes will donate £10,000.  And if we raise another £10,000 after that, Horrid Henry legend Francesca Simon will add ANOTHER £10,000.

What's more, the very good people at Virgin Giving have agreed, if we reach £250,000, to waive ALL FEES!  Let's do this!


So what started out as a small thing has exploded.  I offered to match up to £10,000 and you guys smashed that in under two hours.

John Green then stepped in and matched the second £10,000, Derek Landy the third, Jojo Moyes the fourth, and Hank Green the fifth.  You smashed all those too!

Last night, Rainbow Rowell rallied round an amazing group of YA authors who are matching ANOTHER £10,000.  Those fab people are Brendan Reichs, Ally Carter, Margaret Stohl, Jenny Han, Shannon Hale, Siobhan Vivian, Richelle Mead, Gayle Forman, Ransom Riggs, Allyson Noel, Holly Black and Tahereh Mafi.

Not to be outdone, a bunch of West Coast YA authors got in on the action, too, and are matching ANOTHER £10,000! They are Margaret Stohl (again!), Melissa de la Cruz, Sabaa Tahir, Leigh Bardugo, Lauren DeStefano, Pseudonymous Bosch, David Levithan, Libba Bray (neither of whom are west coast, but we'll forgive them), Lauren Oliver, Jacqueline Woodson, Alexandra Bracken, IW Gregorio, Stacey Lee, Rachel Cohn and an incredible effort from Maureen Johnson who gave bespoke nicknames to everyone who donated on her timeline.

The total to the right includes the matching funds from me, John, Jojo and a number of the US authors who are donating individually.  Derek and Hank will get theirs in very soon, too.  Also, some of the US authors have donated directly to Save The Children US to help spread the love around.

Already this morning, author Louisa Young has said when it hits £195,000, she'll make it £200,000.  Challenge issued...

This is all so amazing, I've basically spent 24 hours a bit weepy.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! KEEP IT GOING!!!

Earlier updates:

UPDATE!  YOU SMASHED IT.  And the AMAZING John Green will match the second £10,000!!!!

Genuinely crying.  You amazing people.

SECOND UPDATE!  £15,000 in less than four hours! AND if we get over £20,000, amazing author Derek Landy has pledged to match the third £10,000!!!

You people rock.

THIRD UPDATE!  £30,000 SMASHED (and thank you to Marie below!!) and now Jojo Moyes will donate £10,000 when we reach £40,000!!!  Keep it going!

Original post:  Hey, this may not work, but I'm tired of just tweeting my despair about the current refugee crisis that the UK government is responding to with inhumane feebleness.

I'll match all funds raised up to £10,000 for Save The Children, which helps refugees around the world and has put out an appeal for the current Syrian refugee disaster.  Let's see if we can give them £20,000 together, yeah?  Or whatever!  Everything helps.

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26.04.16 Winner of the Inky Tentacle






15.02.16 Christmas Raffle organised by the staff at Little, Brown Book Group


31.01.16 i can offer money now , but if there is a way to offer my soul i would gladly do it


04.01.16 Great work Patrick

02.01.16 This is another donation, to thank illustrator Sally Anne Thompson for the draw for donators she offered back in September which I won. Thanks Sally! More details here:

21.12.15 found this through the excellent vlogbrothers

21.12.15 Great fund raising idea from Curtis Brown - lunch with an agent. This is my £250 donation.

14.12.15 I am delighted to match Melanie Garrett's donation. Thank you Patrick Ness for inspiring us all to do something different this year.


11.12.15 I heard about this appeal through the Curtis Brown auction. Congratulations on the huge success of this endeavour.

03.12.15 Great work. Keep it up.

27.11.15 Thank you for organising this



17.11.15 This comes with thanks to the Curtis Brown Literary Agency Auction. I am excited to have won the offer of a readers report and lunch with Sophie Lambert of Conville & Walsh


13.11.15 Sorry it's been a long time coming. Thanks for stirring us all up Patrick. Hope this helps



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