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Samantha Payne

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Hi and thanks for visiting my page!

I'm trying to raise £3,600 for The Body Shop Foundation to join their Orangutan challenge, trekking for the survival of Great Apes across the Sumatran Jungle.

The Foundation is totally committed to the survival of these beautiful creatures, as am I!

Which is the reason I've joined the challenge.

Im going to need all the support I can possibly get to help me achieve this.

Whatever you can give no matter how small is really appreciated!

Love Sami xxx

The Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve is one of the few sites in Indonesia that has received both rehabilitated orangutans and those trans-located from areas where they are threatened such oil palm plantations. The total orangutan population in the reserve is estimated at around 700 individuals. We are safeguarding these endangered orangutans through the provision of veterinary care, monitoring and habitat protection.
During the past year we have received a record number of requests to rescue wild orangutans. We have been able to respond to the growing number of requests from the Indonesian wildlife department to trans-locate wild orangutans from areas outside of the reserve, which are at serious risk of injury or death, to inside the reserve. We are committed to individual orangutans and their survival as a species. Whilst some of the trans-located orangutans are adult and healthy and so once released into the reserve they will be able to fend for themselves some of the rescued orangutans require ongoing monitoring and veterinary care. Their rescue is a commitment for years. This recent increase in rescues, especially in the last 6 months of this year, has put extra demand on our resources and staff.
Deforestation, primarily for the conversion to oil palm plantations, is leading to increasing numbers of orangutans losing their habitat.  Other threats such as slash and burn farming, illegal logging and forest fires are also significant. It is therefore essential that we continue our work to safeguard this important rainforest reserve that provides sanctuary to hundreds of orangutans and many other endangered species such as gibbons, clouded leopards and sun bears.  Once the forest is gone, bio-carbon released and wildlife wiped out, it is too late. Working with the Indonesian Forestry Department we offer protection to the wildlife reserve through a network of manned guard posts and forest patrols.
Our programme costs include staff wages (all our employees are Indonesian and most are from the local area), transport costs, fuel, patrol supplies, staff equipment and veterinary supplies. These are our core costs but they are the core of what we do.  By supporting this programme your trekkers, and their sponsors, can be assured they are helping to keep forests standing and orangutans in the wild.

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31.03.13 Purple pendent, Blue earrings, Light green pendent! -Thank You Sami so much, for all you have done! Bon Voyage to Sumatra!

06.03.13 payment for pictures thanks sammi


04.03.13 For my earrings and pendant. Thanks :-) x

04.03.13 For my painting. Thanks x

04.03.13 Re auction items


04.03.13 We're almost on that great mission! CU at our PJ-Party on the 4th at Heathrow :-)

27.02.13 Thank you

26.02.13 Thanks x


25.02.13 Many thanks, am well chuffed xxxxx

25.02.13 Nearly there!!!

24.02.13 Great work!!

24.02.13 Earrings....yayness :)

21.02.13 Red ring auction

20.02.13 For my giraffe pic. Thanks :)

17.02.13 Thanks for this,the ring looks fab!

16.02.13 Thanks again

16.02.13 Looking forward to giving Larry Robin a loving home :)

16.02.13 Thank you and good luck

13.02.13 To make it £3,400!

13.02.13 Well done Sami for organising the auction and good luck with the trek x


09.02.13 For neckless


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