ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that specializes in emergency shelter. We help thousands of disaster affected families every year by sending ShelterBoxes. Although the contents of our large green ShelterBoxes will vary depending on the type of disaster we are responding to and where in the world they are being sent, they will generally include a specially designed disaster relief tent, a stove, a kitchen set, water purification equipment, blankets, a toolkit and more. A ShelterBox will provide an extended family of up to 10 people with shelter, warmth and dignity for approximately 6 months. Every donation that we receive will help us provide shelter, warmth and dignity to families across the world who have lost everything due to disaster.
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Ten Go Camping - in a ShelterBox!

Pottinger Belles,

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Bell Pottinger North 

Ten of the North West’s least experienced campers are doing it the hard way for the Summer Solstice - as only PR girlies can !

In a bid to raise awareness – and funds – for international disaster relief charity ShelterBox, ten of Bell Pottinger’s brightest and best are to spend a night under the stars with only one ShelterBox between them.

So, what is a ShelterBox ?

ShelterBox is a UK-based charity which provides emergency shelter to those living through the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters anywhere in the world. The ‘box’ itself includes a 10-man (or in this case 10-woman) tent and essential kit such as pots, pans, basic tools, stove and cooking utensils. These life-saving survival kits are delivered to areas hit by earthquake, tsunami, war or famine to provide an immediate shelter and temporary respite for families rendered homeless and suffering the most extraordinary hardship.

The Pottinger Belles are doing their bit as part of a fund-raising challenge laid down by Managing Director Chris Warham to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. The task is to raise £10,000 in order to buy 20 of these extraordinary ShelterBoxes – one for each year of the company’s existence. 

Commenting on the camping trip, ‘den mother’ Deborah Garritty said: “We’re a bit concerned about actually getting the tent up as most of us have never camped before – and we’re not allowed to open the box before we arrive on site. However, we are determined to show that even PRs can survive without hair-dryers, straighteners and other such luxuries for just one night! We hope that we will be able to buy a number of boxes as a result of the trip and give something tangible back to those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Originally founded as Insight Marketing & Communications back in 1991, the entire company has thrown its weight behind the campaign. Other fund-raising activities throughout the year include a number of sky-dives, beauty salon, tuck shop, DVD rental service, a charity football match, bag-packing at local supermarkets and a sausage sizzle. Managing Director Chris Warham has also volunteered for training to become a ShelterBox Reponse Team member to take part in future deployments following disasters worldwide.

Take a look at our overall progress by clicking here -

Finally - if you would like to learn more about this valuable charity please go to the ShelterBox Flickr and homepage.

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